Ryu: Young Achiever in the UK British Biology Olympiad

28/02/20245 minute read
Ryu: Young Achiever in the UK British Biology Olympiad

In the landscape of academic challenges, it's stories of students like Ryunosuke (Ryu) that remind us of the incredible heights that can be reached with dedication, passion, and a bit of strategic planning.

At 15 years old, Ryu has not only managed to secure a Bronze medal in the highly competitive UK British Biology Olympiad but has done so while juggling part-time AP courses and preparing to dive full-time into A levels with CGA next academic year.

Olympiad Bronze Victory

The UK British Biology Olympiad, a competition designed for A2 students aged 17-18 (outside his age bracket!), saw Ryu competing against over 15,000 students from more than 900 schools worldwide. Achieving a Bronze medal in such a setting, especially as one of the younger competitors, is a testament to Ryu's hard work and dedication to his passion for biology. "It was definitely very rewarding, and demonstrating my effort and passion for biology through this award was definitely worth the time that I spent studying for it," Ryu reflects.

But how did Ryu prepare for such a demanding competition, and what drove him to take on this challenge? "I prepared for the exam format through the past papers offered by the official UKBC (UK Biology Competitions) website, but having knowledge of biology through my other extracurriculars such as quiz bowl and science olympiad made me well equipped for the exam," he explains.

His motivation stemmed not only from his brother's previous invitation to the selection camp for the IBO but also from the realisation that other CGA students had taken part in the intermediate biology olympiad. "Finding out that other students at CGA had taken the intermediate biology olympiad from the newsletter made me realise that I could take it from outside the UK through CGA," he adds.

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Success Across Borders

Ryu's academic and career aspirations are as clear as his dedication to his studies. Aiming to study at a top university in the UK, in a field related to biology or biotechnology, Ryu sees his participation in the Olympiad as a stepping stone towards achieving these goals. "Participating in the Olympiad has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding over a wide range of topics in biology, and also develop organisational skills for other exam preparations," he notes, pointing out the broader benefits of engaging in such high-level competitions.

For younger students looking to follow in his footsteps, Ryu offers sage advice: "Taking the first step towards a goal is a significant accomplishment. I encourage students to begin their studies, even if they face challenges initially." He emphasises the importance of seeking help and using available resources, a strategy that has clearly served him well on his journey.

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Global Opportunities at CGA

“Having moved around different countries (England, Japan, and the United States), CGA has given me countless opportunities in my academic journey, especially in international competitions, despite the geographical boundaries. I want to thank CGA, and especially Mr. Kearney, for making this possible – I could not have achieved this without his help.” Ryu’s acknowledgement is a proud example of how CGA enables students to overcome barriers and engage in extracurricular activities that open doors to exploration and achievement.

For parents seeking an online educational environment that offers more than just high grades, Ryu's story is a great example. Our commitment to empowering students like Ryu to participate in international competitions and pursue their passions without limitation is a testament to our dedication in nurturing leaders of the future.

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