National Honors Society 2024

07/05/20246 minute read
National Honors Society 2024

This month we celebrate the induction of our new student members into the National Honor Society (NHS). Congratulations to our USA students Reem, Deepika and Tamar who were recognised in a formal gathering for their leadership, character, and service—core values of the NHS.

Becoming part of the NHS not only means these students have achieved academic excellence with a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a 5.0 scale but have also demonstrated a profound commitment to community service and leadership within our school. 

National Honors Society Explained

The National Honor Society recognises and encourages academic achievement while developing a student’s scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Students are expected to uphold the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character, and must maintain a strong academic record and engage in activities that extend beyond their local communities.

“Eligibility is determined by a student’s cumulative GPA which must meet or exceed a 3.5 (on a 5.0 scale). Candidates must have been in attendance at the school the equivalent of one term.

Candidates must be a member of 10th-12th grade classes. In addition to the scholarship standard, membership is also based on standards of service, leadership, and character. To be selected as a member students must demonstrate that they have met or exceeded these additional standards. Our faculty council carefully reviews all student credentials before making a final decision. Selection is determined by majority vote of the faculty council.” - Stephanie Todaro, CGA’S US Academic Dean

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Importance of NHS in Schools

As school leaders, the importance of programs like the NHS stems from their ability to create an educational environment where academics are celebrated alongside character development and community service.

“NHS is a way to showcase student academic and service achievements. It gives students the opportunity to work together as a team to create projects that benefit our communities.” - Stephanie Todaro, CGA’S US Academic Dean

“The National Honor Society (NHS) helps students become well-rounded individuals who embody the values of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These programs provide a platform for students to not only excel academically but also develop essential life skills such as leadership, empathy, and integrity.

By participating in NHS, students engage in meaningful service projects, honing their ability to positively impact their communities and fostering a sense of civic responsibility. Moreover, NHS encourages students to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives, instilling in them a commitment to ethical behavior and social responsibility. NHS is a vehicle for empowering students to become ethical leaders and active contributors to society. Which is directly in line with our values as a school community.” - Brittanie Bates, CGA’s Principal US Diploma Pathway

The NHS Community

As previous members of the NHS, our school leaders know first-hand the value of this program and shared their personal experience of being part of it.

“As a chapter advisor, it was rewarding to see our students work together (from different parts of the world!) to come up with a chapter service project idea, execute the project, and reflect on the project in a short period of time.  I watched these students take charge immediately to ensure they had an accessible project for students across the globe.” - Stephanie Todaro, CGA’S US Academic Dean

“Having access to the National Honor Society was incredibly rewarding and enriching. It allowed me to engage in various service projects that had a meaningful impact on my community. It provided me with opportunities to develop my leadership skills through organizing and leading initiatives aimed at benefiting others.” -  Brittanie Bates, CGA’s Principal US Diploma Pathway

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Induction Ceremony 2024

CGA was proud to induct its first members into the National Honors Society with an online ceremony. Our 12th grade inductees, Reem, Deepika and Tamar repeated the following pledge to accept invitation into the NHS:

I pledge to uphold,
The high purposes of the National Honor Society to which I have been selected;

I will be true to the principles for which it stands;
And will maintain and encourage
High standards of scholarship, service, leadership and character

Highlights from the ceremony also included heartfelt congratulations from our US Principal, Mrs. Bates, who emphasised the importance of lifelong learning and the powerful role of leadership in creating positive change. 

“This is a moment of celebration, not only for the remarkable achievements of our inductees, but also for the enduring values that you all embody values that are essential, not only for success within our school, but also in the world, the wider world beyond each of these students being inducted today has exemplified qualities that go far beyond the confines of academic excellence.

Yes, you have all earned high GPA’s. But more importantly, you demonstrate a commitment of lifelong learning, a dedication to the pursuit of knowledge that extends far beyond the classroom in a world that is constantly evolving where the challenges we face are ever changing and complex.” -  Brittanie Bates, CGA’s Principal US Diploma Pathway

Welcome to the NHS

Our students have shown that true leadership is not about commanding respect, but earning it through compassion, integrity and genuine commitment to the wellbeing of others.

“Let us celebrate not only your individual achievements, but also the collective commitment that you share to lifelong learning, leadership and service as you embark into your next chapter of your academic journey. Lifelong learning is not just a goal to be achieved, but a journey to be embraced.” -  Brittanie Bates, CGA’s Principal US Diploma Pathway

Congratulations. The National Honor Society inductees. The future is bright and with your leadership we have no doubt that it will be nothing short of extraordinary.