Do Online High Schools Have Graduation Ceremonies?

27/05/20248 minute read
Do Online High Schools Have Graduation Ceremonies?

While online schools may run a little differently when it comes to community engagement, what does that mean for social events like school graduations? Graduation is a time for students to celebrate the end of their studies, and is something most teens look forward to before they go on to continue life beyond the classroom. While traditional schools have big ceremonies, you might wonder how online schools handle graduations. Do they have ceremonies? How do they celebrate their students' achievements?

Does Graduation Exist at an Online School?

Graduation at an online school definitely exists and can be a wholesome experience. Online education offers flexibility and access to quality education regardless of location, and this extends to the graduation experience.

Online schools like CGA ensure that students feel a sense of accomplishment similar to traditional schools. This is achieved by building a strong sense of community through various activities, student-led clubs, social days and online events (CGA recently held its very first virtual karaoke). These initiatives help students interact, collaborate, and form lasting friendships around the world.

”CGA has really enabled Athalia to take hold of her education and to run with it faster than we can even keep up with. She is now driven and motivated, she has a really great group of friends that aren't just in New Zealand but all around the world, and she has taken ownership of her life which is really what we dreamed for her.”

- Lesieli, CGA Parent

Creating a sense of community among students who might never meet in person is often seen as a drawback by parents considering online schools. However, with the success of online education today, this misconception is quickly fading.

From individual recognition of achievements to heartfelt messages from teachers and peers, online graduations celebrate the hard work and dedication of the graduates. Online schools use technology to create a meaningful experience, ensuring students feel the importance of this milestone.

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Can I Receive Graduation Certificates, High School Diplomas, or Transcripts Online?

Graduating from high school is a major accomplishment that provides students with the credentials needed to pursue their university, scholarship, and career goals. A common concern among prospective students is whether online high schools offer graduation certificates, high school diplomas, or transcripts. The answer is yes, but with a few details.

Graduation Certificates

A-Levels do not require traditional graduation certificates. Instead, students meet graduation requirements by earning three or more A-Levels. To support university applications, a formality certificate is provided, but it is not government-endorsed.


Online high schools issue transcripts that include:

  • Student identification and enrolment status
  • Internal grades for each subject per year
  • Attendance record
  • Extracurricular activities
  • School award history
  • Part-time students need to ensure their primary school integrates these transcripts into their records.

Exam Results

Official exam results from exam boards like Pearson are provided when needed. Students can also access their results directly from the exam boards.

Predicted Grades

Predicted grades are provided twice a year to support university applications. These grades are projections based on exam results, past performance, and internal assessments. They are not official grades issued by exam boards.

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Online Graduation at CGA

In our very own recent graduation news, Mrs. Bates, Principal US Diploma Pathway, recounts our latest celebration of student achievements.

The CGA US Diploma program has grown significantly since it began in 2022. As we celebrate the end of another academic year, we proudly recognise the achievements of our second graduating class of seniors. This graduating cohort includes some of our earliest US Diploma-seeking students, representing a wide range of academic interests, cultural backgrounds, and geographic locations. Despite this diversity, they all shared ambition and determination.

Among them were students who aimed for the most prestigious universities and, through their dedication and hard work, achieved their goals. Their success shows their resilience and the quality of education provided by the CGA program. Additionally, some students focused on specialised fields like neuroscience, demonstrating a passion for knowledge and a commitment to making meaningful contributions.

However, the aspirations of our graduating class extended beyond traditional academic pursuits. We had students with dreams of exploring the arts, envisioning careers as directors or film artists. Their creativity and boldness in pursuing their passions inspire us all.

What truly set this graduating class apart was their involvement in shaping the CGA community. Through organising student-led events and sharing their stories, they transformed CGA into more than just an educational institution; it became their home. Their efforts enriched the academic experience for themselves and future generations of CGA students.

In reflecting on the journey of this graduating class, we are reminded of the importance of collaboration in education. By working with our students, we empower them to take ownership of their learning and create an educational experience tailored to their needs and aspirations.

As we say goodbye to this graduating class, we do so with excitement for the bright futures that lie ahead for each of them.

CGA's Co-Founder, Dr Jamie Beaton shares a special message to our recent graduation class.

Deepika, CGA Graduate

“I was quite excited and nervous since it’s my last day of high school and I was very emotional because I knew that I would not get this moment ever again.

My day was very significant and for me what it means to graduate means a lot to me. I spent my three years here at CGA and I absolutely loved every moment so it was very emotional for me to graduate but it was also very special because I spent it with my family and friends and said my goodbyes to my wonderful teachers. It’s like reaching a milestone.

What’s next after graduation? I will be moving to New York City at the end of August, and I will be majoring in neuroscience at Pace University. This is a very significant moment.”

Ready to Graduate Online?

Graduation at an online high school like CGA is a special and meaningful experience. While it differs from traditional ceremonies, the purpose of celebrating student achievements remains the same. Using technology and a strong sense of community, CGA guarentees that its graduates feel honored and ready for their future.

Become part of a global community that recognises your accomplishments and prepares you for the future. Speak to us to learn more.