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US High School Diploma

What is the US Diploma Program

The CGA US Diploma is an online, project-based program that empowers students to take classroom concepts and expand on academic ideas to solve real-world problems and develop digital portfolios that capture their unique talents and vision of the world.

We provide the perfect mix of project-based, career-focused courses and academic rigor. Students typically graduate with a comprehensive portfolio of project-based work as well as the completion of several AP exams.


The US Diploma program is suitable for all high school students aged 15-18 and can be taken as full time or part time classes.


Full time enrolment in the US Diploma program requires students to take project-based classes and AP courses along with a homeroom.


Most US Diploma courses are offered over the course of two terms with the second term building on what students already learn in the first term.

Basis of what you will learn in US Diploma Applied Math

Applied mathematics introduces the applications of mathematics to practical problems in physical sciences, social sciences, technology, engineering, or business. Applied mathematics can include different mathematical branches such as engineering, linear programming, continuous modeling, numerical analysis, statistics, information theory, game theory, etc.

This course is designed with two main goals:

  1. to resonate with high school students’ interests, and

  2. to demonstrate the broad applicability of mathematics.


  • Auditor
  • Data or Research Analyst
  • Computer Programmer
  • Medical Scientist

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