Computer Science


What is CGA Primary?

CGA's Primary School includes a curriculum purely focused on English, Maths and Science mastery in preparation for international curricula with complementary World Geography and Computer Science subjects.


The Primary course is suitable for students 7-10 years old.


The Primary courses can be taken as a full-time or part-time option in a one-on-one or small online class setting, and engage with their teacher as a subject expert and personalized education coach.

Basis of what you will learn in Computer Science

Grade 4 - Computer Basics

In this course grade 4 students will learn how to use productivity and collaboration tools, such as G Suite by Google Cloud to create word processing documents, spreadsheets, surveys and forms such as personal budgets and invitations.

Grade 5 - Digital Savvy 1

In Digital Savvy, Grade 5 students delve into fundamental computing topics and skills. From hardware and software to online safety and computer security, they'll also learn about basic networking, file management, and using various programs like word processors and spreadsheets. Additionally, they'll get a taste of image editing, social media usage, email communication, introductory website design, simple database creation, basic programming concepts, and explore potential computing careers.

comp sci


A class of diverse, international students and a community of like-minded peers.


A 24/7 global timetable to suit multiple timezones worldwide.


Top-tier teachers selected for engagement, inspiration and results.

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