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Study University Level Classes at High School with Advanced Placement Courses

Take Advanced Placement courses with CGA to maximise your chances of admission. Challenge yourself, and earn college credit with our AP courses. Classes starting September 2023.

What are APs?

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are entry-level University courses offered as high school classes that are standardised and administered by the College Board. Due to their academic rigour, students can receive college credit for these courses depending on their exam scores.

The benefits of taking APs

In an ever-competitive admissions environment, it’s important for students to demonstrate intellectual curiosity. What does this mean?

Admissions officers want to see students step outside their traditional school environment and seek out opportunities to expand their understanding of and involvement in whatever interests them! Whether it’s computer science, world history, political science, or studio art, admissions officers want to know that you are taking every opportunity you can to become an expert.

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Discover the Advantages of Studying APs with Crimson Global Academy

CGA provides AP courses that are authorised by CollegeBoard, taught by experienced teachers, and delivered with high-quality education.

AP Course Timetable 2023 - Australia
English Language9:00AM
AP Comparative Government and Politics6:00AM
Computer Science Principles9:00AM
Calculus AB12:00PM
Physics 19:00AM
Physics C (Mechanics)2:00PM
US History9:00AM
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Flexible Learning with CGA Flex

CGA Flex is an adaptable program where students can master AP courses on their own time.

Get access to recorded content from live classes every week, homework and reading materials, and 1:1 check-ins with a personalised education coach. 

AP Fees

Per subject fee: $5,200 AUD. This includes two hours of live classes and an hour of optional teacher support each week for 24 weeks.

Subject specific texts and exam centre fees are an additional cost.

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AP Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CGA offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses?

CGA is excited to offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses beginning this November. AP courses allow high school students to take classes at the US university level. They allow students to study 38 subjects in-depth and prepare them for college-level work. Most US universities recognize AP credit as college credit. The AP Program offers several awards for high achievement. Each year, over 2.8 million students take AP exams, with most students taking multiple APs during the course of their high school careers. AP is one of the most recognized curricula for top universities and CGA is looking forward to launching this program.

Where are exams taken?

At a nearby AP testing centre or eligible school. Families should ensure there is a suitable exam venue nearby to them. Our Enrollment Advisors can help advise on exam venues.

Who are the teachers?

Our classes are taught by qualified teachers that have demonstrated outstanding prior results teaching APs.

What is the class size?

We keep our classes below 15 students but are, on average, between 6 – 8 students to ensure maximum engagement.