CGA students excel in Edexcel exam results

19 DEC 2022

Congratulations to all our CGA students on their impressive exam results! It's always exciting to see hard work pay off, and it's clear that the students at CGA have put in a lot of effort to achieve these high grades.

The International GCSE results are particularly noteworthy with 26% of students achieving the maximum grade of 9. An impressive 69% of students earned a grade of 7 or higher (the equivalent of an A or A* in the old grading scale), indicating that CGA students are performing at a very high level.

The International AS and A Level results are also impressive, with 54% of IAS results being the maximum grade of A and 73% being an A or B. Of the IAL results, 32% were the maximum grade of A* and 61% were an A* or A. These results show that CGA students are excelling at higher levels of education.

Overall, these exam results are a testament to the dedication and hard work of the students at CGA, as well as the quality of teaching and support they have received. We’re confident that these excellent grades will open up new opportunities and help students achieve their goals in the future.

Well done to all the students and staff at CGA on a job well done!

Edexcel’s qualifications are world-renowned and highly respected, giving learners the opportunity to succeed in life, studies and their careers. The International GCSEs and A Levels are the most commonly studied curriculum worldwide. They are based on the UK high school education system and are adapted for a global student base.

CGA Edexcel Exam Results June 2022

Edexcel International GCSE Results

  • 26% of CGA IG award results were the maximum grade of 9
  • 69% of CGA IG award results were a grade 7 (out of 9) or above (equivalent to an A or A*)

Edexcel International AS Level (IAS) and International A Level (IAL) Results

  • 54% of CGA IAS award results were the maximum grade of A
  • 73% of CGA IAS award results were an A or a B
  • 32% of CGA IAL award results were the maximum grade of A*
  • 61% of CGA IAL award results were an A* or an A

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