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Australian MENSA School Affiliate: Crimson Global Academy

Crimson Global Academy, Australia’s largest online high school, is now an Australian MENSA school partner. Through this partnership, we aim to enable gifted students and high achievers to do more and reach their goals. The relationship will allow both CGA and MENSA aim to fulfill their common goal of providing a place where gifted students can reach their maximum potential.

Australian MENSA fosters intelligence and is a worldwide social network for high achievers and gifted children and adults. Regardless of location, or age, anyone can join MENSA on the basis of only one criterion - a score on a standardised IQ test higher than that of 98% of the general population.

At Crimson Global Academy we aim to provide any student, anywhere, at any age, the ability to access online classes taught by world-class teachers. We place students in class based on ability, not age - our recent data shows 40% of students at CGA are accelerating ahead of their year level. CGA’s mission is to provide premium education without the constraints of physical schooling. We connect the world's leading teachers to a small, live class of international learners, wherever they are.

In a bid to further their common aim, MENSA members will be able to redeem 10% off of CGA school fees upon enrolment. Consequently, CGA students can get 50% off the MENSA admission test.

CGA provides a variety of rigorous curricula that are recognised globally, including International GCSEs, A Level and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. We also provide world-class extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities to ensure the holistic development of our students.

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