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Flexible enrolment options

2022 Feb Timetable — Full-time Pre-IGCSE (Time in AEST)
12:00pmGlobal CitizenshipGlobal CitizenshipGlobal CitizenshipHealth & WellbeingGlobal Citizenship
1:00pmHealth & WellbeingScienceScienceScience
2:00pmComputer ScienceComputer ScienceComputer Science
2022 Feb Timetable — Part-time Pre-IGCSE (Time in AEST)
3:30pmMaths (Option 1)Maths (Option 1)Maths (Option 1)
4:30pmEnglish (Option 1)English (Option 1)English (Option 1) Science (Option 1)
5:30pmScience (Option 1) Computer ScienceScience (Option 1) Computer ScienceComputer Science
6:30pmEnglish (Option 2)English (Option 2)English (Option 2)
7:30pmMaths (Option 2)Maths (Option 2)Maths (Option 2)
8:30pmScience (Option 2)Science (Option 2)Science (Option 2)


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick between two different streams of classes to adjust the schedule?

No, the streams listed above are class times that are set. You cannot jump between two different classes as each class will have different students and teachers.

What if I am taking a full course load but still enrolled at a physical school?

If a student is enrolled at a traditional brick and mortar school, they will still be considered a part-time student with CGA even if they do more than the standard full-time course load of 4+ subjects (20+ hours of instruction time per week) with us. Government regulations in most regions stipulate that a student can only be enrolled to one school in a full-time capacity.

How does Crimson Global Academy schedule our classes?

There are two streams of classes:

  • Full-time classes: Scheduled during the day and take place 5x per week.
  • Part-time classes: Scheduled in the afternoon/evenings and take place 3x per week.

Regardless of whether classes are full-time or part-time, students will be expected to complete, on average, 2-3 hours of homework per week for each subject.

We know how important scheduling is to our CGA families as an organised timetable enables students to achieve their goals outside of the classroom. Students will submit their schedule availability before each term and the schedule will be set with these considerations in mind.

We know that students may have extended commitments outside of the classroom (e.g. competing at major sporting events or participating in Model United Nations). In these cases, students and parents will be responsible for the student keeping up with any coursework that is missed.

Students are required to complete a consistent amount of coursework per delivery week and are required to attend all classes.