Sara's Story: World Record Meets Cultural Leadership

25/01/20244 minute read
Sara's Story: World Record Meets Cultural Leadership

It was a true honour to sit down with one of our own, Sara H, 17 year old CGA student from Nagasaki, Japan, who not only earned the Pearson Edexcel's highest mark in the world for GCSE Japanese 2023 but also proudly serves as this year's CGA’s Cultural Prefect. These accomplishments not only highlight Sara's dedication and skill but demonstrates her commitment to supporting CGA in fostering a holistic learning environment for all students.

Cultural Prefect at CGA

As the Cultural Prefect at CGA, Sara embodies the spirit of leadership and a deep commitment to cultural diversity. Her journey as a leader began as an ECL prefect for Hawking House. She explains how her passion for leadership derived from wanting to give back to the school “I really appreciate CGA because this is a place which provides with me support to maximise the possibility that I achieve my dreams. So I wanted to repay [them] in some way…that's the biggest reason why I applied for this position.”

Her transition to the Cultural Prefect role is a testament to her passion for promoting cultural understanding and diversity within the school community. “CGA has students from all over the world. So having a cultural a very unique feature of CGA,” she explains. As Cultural Prefect, Sara aims to create a lasting impact at CGA where she intends to “make an environment where every single student can feel   comfortable about their differences and proud of their uniqueness.” She focuses on enhancing CGA’s cultural diversity, ensuring every student feels valued and included.

Her commitment to this leadership role is further evidenced through her NGO, Piece of Peace which focuses on emphasising the idea and importance of world peace through various activities it holds. “Our biggest aim is to promote world peace in CGA and from CGA to the world. Our initiative is based on this belief that if we educate students at CGA to understand each other… then we can be more suitable and peaceful leaders in the future.”

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Highest Mark in the World

Beyond her initiatives, Sara's academic journey is equally remarkable, gaining the highest mark in the world for GCSE Japanese. “I think reading [Japanese] books, like philosophical books...helped me to improve my vocabulary,” she shares, highlighting the importance of broadening one's horizons for academic success. Her commitment to excellence extends beyond language, earning high grades in subjects like English Literature and Biology.

Sara advises aspiring students and leaders to embrace their individuality and work hard, regardless of their native language or background. “I studied really get grade nine,” she reveals, emphasizing perseverance as a non-native English speaker.

Sara’s story is an inspiration to all students, reflecting that determination and pursuit can conquer all, even the highest mark in the world! Crimson Global Academy is proud to support Sara on her educational journey and look forward to seeing her visions come to life in her new role as Cultural Prefect.