CGA Students Achieve World's Highest Marks in Pearson Edexcel Exams

17/01/20244 minute read
CGA Students Achieve World's Highest Marks in Pearson Edexcel Exams

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is so excited to share the latest triumph of our students who have achieved the highest marks in the world in the prestigious Pearson Edexcel examinations. This accomplishment is a demonstration of unmatched academic prowess of our student cohort and a testament to the standard of education at CGA.

It was quite surprising for me [to win this award], I knew other awardees of this it was a great honor to be announced alongside these incredible students. That was really amazing. - CGA Student, Sara H

Why Pearson Edexcel Results Matter

The Pearson Edexcel Awards symbolise the zenith of academic achievement and understanding of complex subjects. These awards distinguish learners who exhibit unparalleled academic prowess, establishing them as global leaders in education.

Pearson Edexcel celebrates learners worldwide who have achieved academic excellence at the very highest levels. The Pearson Excellence Awards, awarded in select countries across South-East Asia, recognise learners who have achieved outstanding results across multiple subjects. Additionally, the Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards (OPLAs) are bestowed upon those who have achieved the highest subject mark in their country, region, and globally in each exam series.

CGA’s World-Leading Scholars

We are so proud to acknowledge our students, have not only excelled in the recent exams, but have outperformed their global peers in their respective subjects:

  • Pearson Excellence Award: Khun S (May/June 23)
  • Highest Mark in the World GCSE Japanese: Sara H (May/June 23)
  • Highest Mark in the World iAL Chemistry: Yamon K (May/June 23)
  • Highest Mark in the World iAL Business: Yuko N (May/June 23)
  • Highest Mark in the World iAS Psychology: Keya M (June 23)
  • Highest Mark in Oceania iGCSE Physics: Devin S (Jan 23)
  • Highest Mark in Oceania iGCSE English Literature: Freya M (Jan 23)
  • Highest Mark in Oceania iGCSE Mathematics: Jiaye Y (Jan 23)
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The Global Significance of These Achievements

Achieving the top mark in the world is an unparalleled accomplishment. It signifies an exceptional understanding of the subject matter while showcasing dedication, resilience, and a commitment to academic excellence. These students have set new global benchmarks in education, underscoring the quality of learning and teaching provided. At CGA we pride ourselves on facilitating an environment that ultimately allows our students to be upmost prepared for their exams.

I was very happy...that the CGA teachers were so kind in helping to support me, even during exams. They would always be available for sessions to ask questions, to do past papers or go over anything that we had questions about…And I had a lot of fun just being able to ask all the questions I needed… very big thank you to the CGA exams team.
- CGA Student, Khun S

Celebrating Unmatched Excellence

We are immensely proud of our students' global achievements in the Pearson Edexcel exams. Their success is a powerful inspiration to their peers and a clear indicator of the bright futures that lie ahead of them.

Join us in congratulating our students who have not just made CGA proud but have also set an extraordinary standard of academic performance worldwide.