Meet Erin Isozu: Winner of the 2023 Career Koshien Business Contest

16/03/20233 minute read
Meet Erin Isozu: Winner of the 2023 Career Koshien Business Contest

Crimson Global Academy student, Erin Isozu, from Japan, has emerged as the winner of the 2023 Career Koshien Business Contest, beating over 2,300 teams and almost 9,000 students who participated in the competition. The Career Koshien Business Contest is a prestigious event in Japan that invites high school students to form teams and present business ideas based on the themes presented by sponsoring companies.

Erin's team, Urbanists, chose "Visa" as their sponsoring company and proposed an idea that would contribute to providing a new place to stay for teenagers and young people. Her team consisted of two members, herself and her teammate whom she met in the Stanford e-entrepreneurship program. Erin has her own mobility business in a suburban area of Japan, where her teammate has been researching city planning at the University of Tokyo. This shared interest in architecture and planning led them to present ideas related to mobility in suburban areas.

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The central concept of Erin's winning idea was to "visualize emotions using the consuming data from Visa Debit card" and offer young people an opportunity to find a place and friends who share similar hobbies and diversions. The team pointed out how the younger generation is losing their place in the city due to the adult-centric social structure in Japan. The proposal aimed to create a stress-free lifestyle and realize Visa's goal of an inclusive and prosperous society.

Erin's team fought through document screening, presentation video screening, and semi-finals before becoming the representative team for Visa. At the final match, Erin's team presented their innovative idea and impressed the judges, who awarded them the top prize of 1 million Japanese Yen.

Erin's achievement is a testament to her creativity, passion, and hard work. Her idea was not only innovative but also addressed a critical social issue faced by young people in Japan. Moreover, Erin's experience participating in the competition has provided her with valuable skills in entrepreneurship, communication, and teamwork, which will serve her well in her future endeavors.

Although the competition was conducted in Japanese, Erin's winning presentation is available on YouTube. Erin's team presented first, and you can watch their winning idea here. 

Erin's success has not gone unnoticed, and she is set to appear in the national newspaper and on television in Japan in April. Her achievement is an inspiration to other young people, and it highlights the importance of nurturing entrepreneurial skills in the youth.

Erin's win is a proud moment for her, her team, and Crimson Global Academy.

Congratulations Erin!