CGA Community News: October

30/10/20234 minute read
CGA Community News: October

This past month, we had a whirlwind of events. As we embrace the opportunities of October, we're thrilled to bring you fresh insights from our recent CGA Global Career Fair, CGA Family Information Sessions, and the ever-evolving world of CGA Clubs.

CGA Global Career Fair: A Global Gathering of Minds

Whether you missed it or you were one of the eager attendees, we're excited to share the highlights from our recent CGA Global Career Fair. This virtual event was a global convergence, attracting over 320 participants from 60 countries, all with a shared goal—to explore exciting career prospects.

The Career Fair offered a dynamic range of sessions - 11 in total throughout the week - and a few stood out as crowd favorites. Attendees were captivated by talks like "Unlocking University Admissions," "Unveiling the Medical World," and "AI and the Digital Revolution Across Industries." Renowned speakers, including former Harvard Admissions Officer Pam Ng, Adam Joseph (CEO of Clipbook), and CGA's Co-Founder and CEO of Crimson Education, Jamie Beaton, sparked lively discussions.

The session that truly left an impact was "Mastering Soft Skills Today for Tomorrow's Success." It resonated deeply with the audience, emphasizing the significance of interpersonal skills on the path to success. Watch it here!

Throughout the events, people asked over 50 questions, showing their strong curiosity and hunger for knowledge. Such questions are the building blocks of future success stories and symbolize the commitment of our CGA community to continuous learning.

Our virtual stage featured a remarkable lineup of accomplished experts who've made their mark both in academia and industry. These experts, with affiliations spanning prestigious institutions like Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford, as well as top companies such as Google and Goldman Sachs, shared their valuable insights and experiences. It was a wonderful experience, and we look forward to inviting other experts to our monthly series of Career Talks next month!

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CGA Family Information Sessions

Because of the popularity of our September sessions, we decided to dedicate this month’s sessions entirely to questions. With over 80 participants from 24 countries across the two sessions, we were delighted to bring together our community and welcome many new families whose children are joining us this year.

We also invited the students along to ask their own questions, and we had over 20 questions coming through! They were great opportunities to interact directly with our school leaders, and we look forward to welcoming families again in just a few weeks.

CGA Clubs: Expanding Horizons

CGA Clubs are thriving with new additions, including the Debate Club, Aoraki Study Club, and Mock Trial Club. These clubs let students explore their interests, engage in thoughtful discussions, and develop essential skills, and we’re excited to see how the clubs develop as they have begun to meet regularly throughout the semester. We also encourage students to initiate their clubs, ensuring that the CGA community remains dynamic and diverse, so stay tuned here.

Be Part of A Supportive Community

At CGA, connecting with like-minded peers, chasing your dreams, and broadening your horizons has never been easier. We're here to support students in every endeavor, and we look forward to witnessing their future achievements as a community. Stay tuned for more community updates as we launch into November!