Student Success Story: Athalia Oliver on the AM Show NZ

10/05/20234 minute read
Student Success Story: Athalia Oliver on the AM Show NZ

Discover how Athalia went from struggling academically and socially in traditional schooling to thriving with online learning, gaining new-found confidence and opening up to new possibilities. She was joined by her parents on the AM Show New Zealand who share their journey of trying various education options before finding Crimson Global Academy and how it has transformed their family's life.

Online education has been gaining popularity over the years, and Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is among the leading online schools globally. The CGA approach to education emphasizes personalized and flexible learning while maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence. The recent AM Show feature highlighted the Oliver family's positive experience with CGA, demonstrating the transformative power of online education.

The Oliver’s shared how their daughter, Athalia, struggled with traditional schooling, leading them to try different options before enrolling her in CGA. They were concerned about her mental and physical health, as well as her academic performance. However, the CGA experience surpassed their expectations. Athalia shared how she is now doing better socially and academically, with the opportunity to make friends from all over the world.

Watch the full AM Show feature here to hear it from the family themselves:

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The personalized approach at Crimson Global Academy ensures that students' unique needs are met, which is evident in Athalia's transformation. The small class sizes, with less than twelve students, offer opportunities for individualized attention and less chance of falling through the cracks. Additionally, Athalia’s parents emphasized how the quality of teachers is top-notch, as they ensure students receive the best education and support.

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Athalia’s father mentioned that the number one question people ask him is "what about socialization?" Parents are often concerned about their child's socialization in online education, but the Oliver’s noted that they have been able to socialize with their child more through CGA. The flexibility in scheduling allows for a better balance between academics, other activities, and more time with the family.

Athalia, with a new-found confidence, has big plans to travel to the USA to complete her studies. Her mother expresses gratitude to CGA for helping Athalia discover her potential, build her self-esteem, and become more adventurous.

The CGA approach to education provides students with the tools they need to achieve academic and personal growth. The success stories from families like the Oliver’s demonstrate how online education can be a viable and transformative option for students. CGA is not just an online school; it is a partner in your child's educational journey.

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If you're considering online schooling, Athalia’s story is a great example of the benefits that CGA can bring. To find out more, speak to an Academic Advisor today.