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Choices for 14-16 year olds

Are you ready to accelerate your studies in an international curriculum?

At CGA we offer a variety of options for those students looking to accelerate their studies and maximize their time in high school.

We offer the Pearson Edexcel International GCSEs, a globally recognized high school curriculum. Based on the British curriculum, this is one of the most popular international courses of study.

For those students looking to attend a US university, we offer Advanced Placement courses. These are college-level courses that students in American high schools take to get credit at university. While not a complete curriculum, AP courses are well-regarded for their academic rigour.

If you have significant pursuits outside the classroom like sports or other activities, then enrolling at CGA will ensure you do not miss out on the traditional high school experience while getting an international education with world-class teachers.


How can CGA help you?

Early preparation for university begins by selecting the correct subjects that will guide on as you progress in your learning journey. By taking classes that will help you understand what subject matter is like in university, you will be better prepared to face the challenges of advanced learning. At CGA we offer two options for students at the high school level: the International GCSE programme and Advanced Placement courses.

Flexible enrolment options

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Are you ready to accelerate your studies AND experience great teaching?

Meet Our Students

Tsitsi is a full-time student at CGA and based in South Africa. She chose CGA because of the flexibility the school offers that enables her to focus on not just academics but to accelerate beyond the classroom.
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