Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a world-class online school delivering live, real-time British Education to ambitious students in the UK/Europe. Accredited by Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment to offer the International GCSEs and A-Levels.

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Unlock Your Path to an Extraordinary Future

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) challenges students with rigorous, reputable and internationally recognised curricula, and provides access to experienced teachers that have helped students gain admissions to the world's most elite universities.

Our online school offers a challenging learning environment with a broader range of subjects and opportunities for advanced study through our cutting-edge online platforms.

Who are we - Crimson Global Academy

CGA Top 3 Finalist World's Best School Prizes in Innovation!

We are proud to announce that Crimson Global Academy has been honoured as one of the Top 3 finalists for the renowned World's Best School Prizes in Innovation!

This recognition is a testament to our commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience that puts our students on the world stage. 

World's Best School Prizes


A class of diverse, international students and a community of like-minded peers.


A 24/7 global timetable to suit multiple timezones.


Top-tier teachers selected for engagement, inspiration and results.

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Experience what online learning could look like. At CGA every student has a front-row seat in our small, live and engaging classrooms and are taught by top international teachers.
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CGA's Accreditations and Rankings

Explore CGA's Accreditations and Recognitions that validate the quality and credibility of our educational programs.

How To Start Your Online Education Journey With CGA

CGA is not a one-size-fit-all school. Each family commences their journey through a highly personalized 30-min discovery call (via zoom or phone call) with an experienced Admissions Officer to:

  • Understand your child’s academic interests and university goals.
  • Evaluate suitability for our online high school.
  • Recommend enrolment options and timing.

Speak to an advisor to understand what enrolment options and classes suit your child’s needs and begin their journey with CGA!

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Meet some of our CGA Students

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Getting into Oxford

Anna Hutchens, a student from rural New Zealand used CGA to supplement her NCEA and earn a place at the prestigious University of Oxford to study medicine. By taking 3 additional A-levels and with the support of CGA's dedicated team and resources, Anna was able to stand out among other applicants and secure her place at Oxford. Her story is an inspiration for students who want to study at top universities and shows the power of online education in breaking barriers and opening up opportunities.

CGA alumni

CGA is powered by Crimson Education, the world’s leading university admissions consultancy

Our students get access to Crimson’s 2,000+ global network of higher education consultants and 1,700+ extracurricular partnerships and activities.

Crimson Education

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Online School FAQs

What is an Online School?

An online school is just like a physical school in many ways, although without the actual school buildings and limitations of geographic proximity. This means students are enrolled like they would at a regular school, except they study online from home. The online school provides the curriculum and qualified teachers, as well as a timetable for the student’s classes. Like regular school, the child is in a class of peers and the teacher is responsible for their learning – even though they learn from home. Most of the learning happens with the aid of the latest education technologies. Also, unlike correspondence courses, where material is physically shipped to students, online school is conducted completely online without the use of physical materials.

How does online schooling work?

As it is a genuine alternative to physical schooling, online schools function exactly as their counterparts, except that students can attend classes from anywhere, at any time.

While each school may differ, most online schools will need an entrance diagnostic test to determine a student’s numeracy and reading abilities. Once they pass the tests, students attend classes taught by teachers in a live classroom setting. The learning material, class schedule, assessments, and timetables are all provided by the school. Teachers will even provide a list of textbooks that the students would need during the course of the school year.

Once registered, students will have a timetable much like a regular school. They will have to attend classes during those times and structure the rest of their day to complete homework and assignments as well as other extracurricular activities. Most schools even provide a variety of ways for students to interact with their peers.

What are the advantages of online school?
1. Personalised learning

Many students are not challenged by their regular school. In those cases, online school can help students study to their ability and challenge them. Through our flexible enrolment options, students can even join us part time in the evenings or weekends to accelerate in a subject of their choice.

2. Flexibility

For those students who have significant pursuits outside the classroom, online school is the perfect place. Online school will allow an athlete or someone in the performing arts to build their timetable around their other commitments. Online school is also a great option for families that move a lot or for students who work part-time. At CGA our flexible enrolment options allow you to study at your own time.

3. Quality

Not all families have access to quality education. If students want to study with world-class teachers or want to pursue a curriculum not offered by a local school, online schooling is a great option. At Crimson Global Academy our teachers have over 20 years of experience and we offer the globally recognized A Level curriculum.

4. Safety

Sadly, many students today suffer from anxiety or are bullied in school. In such cases, online school can provide a safe environment for them to learn at their own pace while socializing with peers. At CGA, our community support and pastoral care mean that each student is looked after in a holistic manner.

How much does online school cost?

CGA has a per subject fee structure as well as scholarship and financial aid opportunities. Find out more here.

Can I do online school instead of going to school in the UK?

Yes, at Crimson Global Academy we offer full-time enrolment options for students aged 13-18 in the International GCSE curriculum. Speak to an advisor to get started.

Can I finish high school online?

At CGA, we offer the International GCSE and A Level curriculum for students aged 13-18. Our students attend a minimum of 19 hours of classes a week and have access to a full range of extracurricular activities as well as university counselling. Begin enrolling in our online school here.

Can high school students take online college courses?

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college-level classes that US high school students take. A good score in the AP exams can translate into college credit as well.

CGA offers part time AP classes - which means you can take them in the evenings or weekends to secure college credit while in high school.

How do I apply to an online school?

Applying at CGA is easy. We offer both full time and part time options for the International GCSE, A Levels and EPQ curriculum. Speak to an advisor to get started.

Can you start online school anytime?

At CGA we offer flexible enrolment options with two major intakes - in January and September - each year. If you want to join outside of these intake times, speak to an advisor to learn more.

Do universities accept online school diplomas?

Most universities worldwide accept international curricula like the GCSEs and A Levels. At CGA all our students graduate with an academic transcript that can be submitted for applications to global universities. However, you should still check with your university about particular admissions criteria.

Can you graduate secondary school early online?

If you are ready to accelerate ahead of your traditional school year, you might be able to complete secondary school early. However, many schools do now allow students to accelerate.

At CGA, you study to your ability, not age. By taking classes and exams based on your ability, you could accelerate past the traditional school age to graduate early. Speak to an advisor to find out more.