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University and Careers Counseling

Whether you are a full time or part time student, CGA provides the correct guidance for your plans after high school.

Within the University and Careers department, our mission is to support the student’s holistic development throughout their time at CGA. Our approach reflects our diverse student body; each student and family has unique goals and needs, and our counselors work with each family to understand their personal pathway to success beyond graduation from CGA.

Our student-centred approach exposes our learners to various global perspectives, opportunities, and university destinations in order to equip them with the skills and knowledge to succeed. Through exposure to limitless opportunities through our academic, extracurricular, and career-oriented networks and consistent personal growth and reflection, students are encouraged to develop an awareness of the possible university and career paths available to them.

The pillars of our university and careers counseling program are: Academic Advising, University Admissions, Career Guidance, and Extracurricular Options.

Our online counseling services

We understand that choosing the right path for the future can be both exciting and challenging. We empower our students with the knowledge and guidance they need to make informed decisions and reach their goals. CGA is committed to providing the most up-to-date university and career guidance, so students can compete on the world stage.

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of counselling, ensuring that our student-centric approach is committed to the principles of integrity, transparency, and student well-being.

Academic Advising

Our counselor works together with our academic staff in order to provide the most tailored individual guidance for our students.

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Subject choices should be determined by a variety of critical factors, such as interest and passion, competency, and also suitability for future university placement and career choice. CGA’s counselors work with our teachers to understand each student’s strengths and goals in order to recommend the most appropriate course progression within our unique competency based model of instruction. At critical junctures (IG, AS, A2, AP course selection), CGA’s counseling team will review academic course choices with students in order to ensure that their subject selection will allow them to flourish academically, while providing a solid foundation for their future university studies.
University Admissions

CGA’s robust admissions program is the highlight of our department. We’ve worked with countless students all over the world in order to place them within the best institutions of higher learning.

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Our unique counseling program exposes students to the multitude of options around the world early in their schooling at CGA, and helps them build individualized plans to develop their various skills and interests while staying on top of all of the application requirements. Our exploration of institutions of higher learning focuses on research and fit. Students are given the tools to understand different countries and systems of learning, and are encouraged to understand how each university and destination in consideration may help them further their own goals and academic interests. From these conversations, CGA’s counselors develop personalized plans for students to help students develop authentic applications that reflect their talents, accomplishments, and potential.
Career Guidance

With CGA’s goal of equipping our students with the tools and skills to be the “architects” of their own lives; a crucial component is the exposure to as many possible careers and pathways as possible.

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CGA regularly invites leading professionals in their fields to discuss their journeys, pathways, and offer tips and inspiration. Career exploration and success extends beyond the classroom, and we support student growth by offering opportunities for them to develop hard and soft skills in leadership and communication, management and group work, and research and organization.
Extracurricular Choice

A diverse and global student body means countless opportunities to engage, cooperate, and explore with fellow students all around the world.

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Student-led clubs and organizations (examples include a Game Development Club, Investment Club, and Math Competition Club) flourish at CGA, and the counseling department aims to support the development of student-led initiatives by researching new opportunities, encouraging collaboration, and providing guidance.

How do students access CGA's counseling services?

In order to best meet the needs of our students, our University and Careers guidance is delivered in the following ways, maximizing flexibility and allowing students to progress at their own pace while still receiving personalized attention and support.

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Crimson Education
Discussion Topics for Individual Meetings
Grade LevelAcademicsExtracurricular InvolvementCareer and Major ExplorationUniversity Entrance
Pre-IG and IG Grade 9-10 Year 10-11Course Selection (IG, AS/A2, AP) Academic Pathway review Academic interest broadening Additional academic readings Study skills and habitsSchool clubs discussion Review involvement and opportunities inside and outside of schoolCareer and personality testing and review Career pathway exploration Career shadowing reviewDiscussion of possible university entrance options Review of priorities, pathways, and standardized testing (if required)
AS Level Grade 11 Year 12Course Selection (IG, AS/A2, AP) Academic Pathway review Continued academic interest broadening Predicted Grades reviewExtracurricular involvement reviewFurther career shadowing Further major and career discussionReview of university entrance options and countries Finalization of countries of interest University financing discussion Standardized testing Reference letters Personal statements
A2 Level Grade 12 Year 13 Predicted Grades review and finalizationExtracurricular involvement reviewFurther major and career discussionFinalization of references School list finalization Personal Statement/Essay review Application Portal review and submission

Full time student meeting topics

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do full time students meet one-on-one with their counselor?

Two times a year for Pre-IG and IG level students (equivalent of Grade 9/10 or Year 10/11)

Four times a year for AS level students (equivalent of Grade 11 or Year 12)

Monthly check ins for A2 level students in their application year (equivalent to Grade 12 or Year 13)

Can parents meet the counselors as well?

Parental meetings pertaining to university entrance are offered on-demand for families who wish to speak to their CGA Counselor.

When do students meet the Academic Dean?

In addition to ongoing counseling support with CGA’s Counseling staff, students have weekly meetings with their Academic Deans in form time, in addition to receiving pastoral support in one on one meetings.

How often will live group classes be delivered?

Group classes will be delivered on a quarterly basis.

What topics will the live group classes cover?

Live group classes will cover topics that are common to all students in their school journey and college and university search.

Group classes give students the opportunity to engage in a live discussion and ask questions.

Who can access the group classes?

Group classes are accessible for both FT and PT students.

What does the content library contain?

The content library covers a wide variety of topics on admissions, candidacy building, career and major exploration.

It also contains a repository of videos, articles, and examples of successful applications and student journeys.

Who can access the content library?

The content library is accessible for all students at any time.

Is there any online support for students?

Online support is accessible for all students and their families.

CGA School Counselors are always accessible through Slack groups and the Crimson Community to answer questions.

Students are encouraged to engage, ask questions, and participate in admissions related discussions over CGA’s various platforms!

Parents are encouraged to read through CGA’s materials and ask questions through email as well.