Auckland CGA Students had their first in-person meet-up on 17th of April, 2021. The meet-up took place at Escapade NZ, an escape room located in Central Auckland, with 22 students attending.

The event gave students the opportunity to use their observational skills, problem solving ability and common sense to decipher a set of tricky clues and puzzles as their team raced to find the answers and exit the room in 60 minutes.

Students were split into 4 teams:

  • Team Gough
  • Team I Don’t Know
  • Team Better Team 1
  • Team IQ Infinite.

Congratulations to Team “I Don’t Know”, who won the competition by finishing their escape room in only 53 minutes!

The event was an incredible success, with students making new friends and being thrilled about the next student meet-up! (To be announced in June 2021)

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