CGA Stories: James

19/01/20211 minute read
CGA Stories: James

On 3 July, we held our Greenwich and Aoraki 2021/2022 Prize Giving. As usual, our amazing team at CGA came together to ensure it was as successful as possible for both students and their families alike. However, we did have two amazing student contributions that elevated the event. They were from Eva Poklonskaia and James Dagan.

Cga Prizegiving Awards 3 July 2022 2 Service To School 2022 07 04 11 16 52

James gave a first-hand account of his time as a student at CGA. James has embraced every opportunity that he has been offered at CGA, both academically and through extracurricular activities. Our school has been a richer place from having James’ contribution. It is also important to note that James went on to win the Service to School Award - Congratulations, James!!


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