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We've officially opened our biggest intake yet. Find out if you could be studying ahead of your year level, next year, in our part-time or full-time classes.

Leading-edge online high school

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a world-class online high school delivering live, real-time learning to ambitious students around the world.

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School of Tomorrow

At CGA we challenge our students by providing a wider range of subjects they may not traditionally have access to, as well as opportunities to go deeper and study more advanced content.

Students join classes from anywhere in the world, and have the option to either enrol part-time, in conjunction with their standard schooling, or in a full-time capacity.

Who are we - Crimson Global Academy

Where are you in your learning journey?

At CGA we believe the right educational foundation should be set early. So we offer programmes for students from age 12 till age 18.
12-14 year olds
14-16 year old
14-16 year olds
16-18 year old
16-18 year olds
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  • 12-14

    Pre-International GCSE and Academic ESOL

    For those students looking to enter high school, we offer two programme options - the Pre-International GCSE as well as the Academic ESOL.

  • 14-16

    International GCSEs and Advanced Placement

    If you are in high school and looking to study the UK curriculum, or want to accelerate your studies with some extra classes, CGA is the right place for you. We offer full-time and part-time International GCSE classes as well as part-time Advanced Placement courses.

  • 16-18

    International A Level and Advanced Placement

    For those students in the most crucial high school years, we offer the full-time and part-time classes for the world's top curriculum - the International A Levels. We also help with US admissions by offering part-time AP courses.

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Our students get access to Crimson’s 2,000+ global network of college admissions experts and 1,700+ extracurricular partnerships and activities.

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