CGA Prizegiving July 2022

10/12/20215 minute read
CGA Prizegiving July 2022

CGA hosted a prizegiving ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the academic, extra-curricular and leadership achievements of our students for the 2021-22 academic year.

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The event, led by CGA Associate Principal Dr. Andrew Daniel, highlighted the amazing achievements of our students as well as the incredible growth of our online school in a short period of time. Students, parents and teachers all talked about the incredible drive and passion they see everyday within the CGA community.

Chair of the Board of CGA and Director of Crimson Education, Janine Manning, recognised the combined efforts of the students and teachers in the success of our online high school. She also highlighted the importance of hard work for our students.

Our students received a special treat when one of CGA’s own Eva Poklonskaia performed one of her upcoming songs and gave everyone a sneak preview.

CGA’s Principals

Executive Principal John Morris spoke how important the role of the teachers was in recognising talent and fostering our students’ interests so they can excel. He highlighted the messages and notes our dedicated teachers receive from students who are always amazed and thankful for their mentorship and drive.

The real strength of our school is the diversity of our student body. I hope that over the last year our students have found the desire and courage to open themselves up to others who by background and interest may be different from them. If you have done that and along the way learned respect for others and compassion for all people, that will stand you in good stead throughout your life.

**Principal Mark Phillips **talked about the Aoraki-Greenwich competition where students from both campuses competed in a variety of activities to gain points. Greenwich emerged winner this year with students participating in debate, computing as well as photography competitions among others.

He also commended those students who comprise the first graduating class at Crimson Global Academy. Many of our students joined CGA when it was barely four months old, in the middle of a pandemic and have continued to excel despite exam disruptions.

And for the Prizewinners!

As CGA grows, so does the list of awardees who have achieved excellence in both academic and extracurricular fields. Our awards in this round of prizegiving were divided into several categories.

Special Awards

  • Sara Hamaguchi was awarded the Scholars’ Society Prize.

    Cga Prizegiving Awards 3 July 2022 1 Scholars Society Prize 2022 07 04 11 16 48

  • James Dagan was awarded for Service to School.

    Cga Prizegiving Awards 3 July 2022 2 Service To School 2022 07 04 11 16 52

  • Haider Munawar was awarded the All Rounder prize.

    Cga Prizegiving Awards 3 July 2022 3 All Rounder 2022 07 04 11 16 56

  • Alimhas Baimenov received the Senior Scholar Award.

    Cga Prizegiving Awards 3 July 2022 4 Senior Scholar Award 2022 07 04 11 16 58

Student Leadership Awards

Student Leadership Awards are given to acknowledge the contribution of students who have performed major leadership roles in the school.

  • The winners were Greenwich Head Student Dahiana Gussoni;
  • Greenwich Deputy Head Student Ibrahim Imtiaz;
  • Science Faculty Prefect Shubangi Paresh;
  • Economics and Business Faculty Prefect Manato Takahashi;
  • ECL Prefect Tsitsi Dube;
  • Product Technology Prefect Uzayr Ali;
  • and Student Council Representative Haider Munawar.

Extracurricular Awards

Dean Kenny Knight announced the Extra-Curricular Awards — given to students who have demonstrated consistent, active engagement and made a positive contribution to extra-curricular activities through their reliability, determination, initiative, leadership and service to others.

Top In Subject Awards

Pre-International GCSE

  • Math to Ivan Pirozhenko and Sofia Glass
  • English to Abhi Mishra and Summer Reynolds
  • Science to Ivan Pirozhenko and Greer Abel Kirkpatrick
  • Computer Science to Fabien Harris-Brocklesby

International GCSE

  • English Literature to Ryu Kusakari and Sarinna Cai
  • Physics to Ryota Watanabe and Hikaru Kajita
  • Biology to Sumi Wen and William Barouch
  • Chemistry to Cedar Xiao and Karin Rezkella
  • Computer Science to Bowen Wang
  • History to Ririka (Lily) Watanabe and Sophie Weenink Smith
  • Economics to Andy Liao and Harshiv Parekh
  • Math to Andy Liao and Eric Zhou
  • Business to Fay Napawan
  • Psychology to Kei Hato

AS Level

  • English Literature to Eaindray Mo and Eason Yang
  • Physics to Cedar Xiao, Haruya Hamanoue and Hakkei Sekine
  • Chemistry to Rosie Pham and Stephanie Zhou
  • Biology to Emma Do and Nicolas Li
  • Economics to Anoushka Ghosh and Ruth Xu
  • Mathematics to Haruya Hamanoue and Kevin Chen
  • Psychology to Jaimee Whittaker and Zhane Dovies
  • History to Eaindray Mo and Fatema Tapia
  • Business to Yeskander Rezhepov
  • Law to Daryana Gubareva

A2 Level

  • Mathematics to Shubangi Paresh and Sumedh Kundu
  • Biology to Shubangi Paresh
  • Business to Zhane Dovies
  • Economics to Alimhas Baimenov
  • English Language to Caitlin Cameron
  • English Literature to Dahiana Gussoni
  • History to Bailey Mulvey
  • Physics to Haider Munawar
  • Psychology to Zhane Dovies