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CGA Admissions Test

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Receive a full assessment of your ability

At Crimson Global Academy, students are placed into courses by their readiness and maturity, not solely by their age or grade level.

The admissions test will help determine a student’s academic ability and what courses are most suitable for them to enrol in.

As the end of the test, students will receive a report summarising their strengths and weaknesses.

Families can speak with a CGA admissions advisor to receive a comprehensive overview of how CGA can best support base on their test results.

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Our Admission Tests

International GCSE
International A Levels
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  • International GCSE

    Complete our International GCSE General Admissions Test to assess your suitability to study any of our International GCSE subjects at CGA. The International GCSE is normally sat by students between ages 14-16. The test consists of four sections:

    • Mathematics (40 minutes)
    • Reading (40 minutes)
    • Personality (20 minutes)
    • Writing (20 minutes)

    Time Allowed: 2 hours

  • International A Levels

    Complete our International A Level admissions test to assess your suitability to study International A Levels at CGA. The International A Level is completed over two years, the first year is the International AS (IAS) and the second year is the International A2 (IA2).

    The following individual subject tests are available:

    • AS Chemistry
    • AS Physics
    • AS Biology
    • AS Mathematics
    • AS English
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What you'll receive:

At the end of the admissions test, you’ll receive a report on your academic ability, personality, strengths and weaknesses.

You will be able to book a time with a CGA admissions advisor to receive further insights into your ability.

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Frequently asked questions

How long will the test take?

The length of time taken depends on the test selected. Please see timings indicated above.

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