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CGA February 2021 Intake

Join students from 20+ countries and study at CGA, the online high school that brings the best, personalised education to you.

Crimson Global Academy takes you further

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a fully registered online high school delivering live, world-class teaching to students right in their own home.

Classes are small and take place online in live, real-time sessions.

Students work with top teachers, who have an average of 20 years of experience.

We’re currently accepting applications for our next class intake, which begins on February 2nd, 2021.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

John Morris (ONZM)
Executive Principal, CGA

Online education

Study wider and deeper

CGA's classes allow students to challenge themselves.

Our diagnostics tests place students into programmes based on ability, not age.

As a result, students can study widely and more deeply in extension courses.

Wider and Deeper

Our admissions process

There are 4 easy steps to join CGA.

Our Admissions Advisors can assist you through the process and answer questions such as:

  • What subjects should you take?
  • What times do class take place?
  • Should you study part-time or full-time?
  • What university should you aim for?
  • How can you best achieve your career goals?
  • Are you able to skip a year level?
  • How does online learning work?

Click below to begin.

Meet with an Admissions Advisor

Discuss your classes, subject choices, career goals and ask any additional questions you have about CGA.

Complete Admissions Testing

Submit your most recent school report and complete any required admissions tests. If you perform well, you'll have the opportunity to skip year levels in strong subjects.

Admissions Interview

Once admissions tests are completed, we'll review your results and conduct a final interview to confirm your subject choices.

Confirm your Enrolment

Submit a finalised enrolment form and any required paperwork. Once confirmed, we'll officially welcome you to CGA and get you set up, ready to begin class.

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Part-time or full-time, you decide

Students can study part-time in the evenings or weekends, or enrol full-time and study during the day.
part time


In addition to your current school



CGA is your only school

Part-time classes

The part-time school day begins at 5:30 PM. Part-time classes at CGA are for students that want to stretch themselves in addition to their traditional school. Classes take place during the evenings, 3x per week.

Full-time classes

CGA is a Ministry-registered school, which means New Zealand students are able to study full-time as their sole education provider. Full-time classes take place during the day, either 4x or 5x per week.

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What subjects are on offer?

We offer a wide range of subjects in our Pre-IG, International GCSE, and International A Level courses.

From our CEO, Jamie Beaton

CGA is a school where students are inspired to be architects of their own lives.

Students at CGA have access to these world-class instructors and mentors who are all deeply invested in their future success.

Innovative technology drives a transformational education model at CGA, designed to provide flexibility, personalization and access to academic resources based on individual student needs. Our model ensures students receive the support and guidance they need every step of the way.

A student population that is geographically, linguistically, and culturally diverse provides an unmatched opportunity to gain communication skills that will provide CGA students with a lifetime of value.

I promise, if you take advantage of everything CGA has to offer, you’ll be opening doors to opportunities you may never have thought possible.

Jamie Beaton
CEO and Co-Founder, CGA

Online education

Hear from our students

Meet some of our current Crimson Global Academy students.
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Top reasons why families choose Crimson Global Academy

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