Leading the Malala House: Meet Nandini

22/02/20245 minute read
Leading the Malala House: Meet Nandini

In the vibrant corridors of CGA's virtual campus, Nandini has been selected as the newly appointed Head of Malala House. Despite being a part of the CGA for just five months, Nandini has already distinguished herself in the student community.

This Surrey-based scholar is not only pursuing her A-Level Pathways but also eagerly ready to take on her new leadership role - ready to share her ideas and bring them to life. We are so impressed with Nandini’s perseverance in making her mark in the CGA community and her dedication in wanting to create a great online environment for her fellow students.

A Ready Born Leader

Nandini's interest into student leadership was initiated by CGA's previous leader, Head of Greenwich House, Caitlin who gave her a great insight into what the role entails, the opportunity to meet new people, and the different events she’d get to organise. With her extraverted nature, Nandini saw this as an opportunity to channel her innovative ideas into something transformative for the Greenwich campus. "I am an extrovert," Nandini shares, "and I felt that this would be a very good opportunity for me to express my ideas and to broaden my horizons."

With her eyes set on the year ahead, Nandini is eager to introduce initiatives that grow camaraderie among students. At the top of her agenda is the organisation of competitions, including an inter-house debate that promises to strengthen friendships and stimulate academic discourse. "I would love to see the Greenwich campus engage with each other in our online school, in an online environment," she remarks, highlighting the importance of interaction beyond the confines of traditional classroom settings.

Another innovative idea Nandini plans to bring to life is the creation of a yearbook, aiming to encapsulate the memories and achievements of her peers. Inspired by traditions from her homeland of India, she hopes to introduce the concepts of prom and homecoming to CGA's diverse student body, creating a tangible memento that can be cherished for years to come.

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A Seamless Transition

Transitioning to CGA's online learning environment has been a seamless journey for Nandini. She finds joy in the diverse community CGA fosters, where students from various backgrounds come together, bringing unique perspectives to the table. "You really interact with people who come from different backgrounds, different cultures, different nationalities. It's fun because everybody brings a different perspective.”

Nandini shares how her academic transition was supported immensely by CGA's dedicated teachers and the friendships she formed along the way. Despite some challenges of adapting to an online education system, the encouragement and motivation from her peers were pivotal in her integration into the CGA family. “The teachers were a constant help in my [transition]. I'm also very grateful to my friends for helping me along the way, for motivating me. At CGA everybody is constantly motivating each other.”

When discussing strategies that have supported her learning at CGA, Nandini credits the breakout rooms during online classes as a key platform for building connections within the CGA community. "We interact with each other, ask about how our day went, what classes we have. So from there, you start forming friendships. That's really nice." These spaces have allowed her to forge friendships based on shared interests, such as her love for classical music, further enriching her online schooling experience.

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Her Goal to Number One

Looking ahead, Nandini's ambitions are twofold: securing a place at her desired university and leading Malala House to the top of the leaderboard. She is driven by the prospect of bringing her ideas to fruition, especially through organising competitions that not only showcase student talents but also further create a stronger sense of community. Nandini also aims to meet some of her international classmates in person, hoping to strengthen the bonds formed in the virtual realm of CGA.


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