Explore CGA's Summer Program 2024

04/04/20246 minute read
Explore CGA's Summer Program 2024

Get ahead this summer with CGA’s 2024 summer Program. This program will offer students a unique educational experience to advance in their studies. Aimed at students looking to enhance their academic profiles before the new school year, our program is designed around discovery and personal growth. It's an opportunity for students to dive into new subjects, deepen their knowledge in current areas of study, and earn valuable credits.

The Importance of Staying Engaged

First, it’s crucial to address the phenomenon known as the 'summer slide'—a term educators use to describe the learning regression students can face over the summer months.

Studies suggest that students can lose up to two months of mathematical skills and reading achievement without active learning engagement. CGA's summer program is designed to counteract this slide, offering a structured yet flexible learning environment that keeps students intellectually active and prepared for the year ahead.

Courses for Diverse Interests

CGA’s Summer Program  offers a range of subjects under the guidance of our dedicated educators. Each course is designed to encourage growth, provide new perspectives, and develop critical thinking.

Product Management: This course introduces students to the fundamentals of product development and market strategies with a hands-on approach to real-world applications.

Medicine: An exploratory course into healthcare and clinical medicine, touching on human anatomy, physiology, and major global health concerns.

Computer Science - Intro to Python: Students delve into programming basics, object-oriented programming, and web development using Flask.

Project Management: Covers essential concepts in project management, from terminologies to stakeholder engagement.

Smart Cities: Focuses on the innovative aspects of smart cities, including energy, transportation, and infrastructure.

Cybersecurity: Teaches the essentials of digital protection against attacks aimed at disrupting or extorting from digital systems.

Journalism: Equips students with critical journalistic skills applicable in various media environments.

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Why Join CGA's Summer Program?

Choosing CGA's Summer Program offers a multifaceted approach to furthering your academic learning during the summer months.

Advance Your Studies
Our program is for students who are aiming to leap ahead. Whether your goal is to dive into new areas of interest that aren’t available during the regular school year or to accelerate in your current academic path, our summer courses are structured to push the boundaries of your knowledge and capabilities.

Combat the Summer Slide
CGA’s Summer Program ensures that students remain intellectually stimulated throughout the summer, effectively bridging the gap between school years. Through engaging coursework and interactive learning, students maintain, and even enhance, their academic skills, ensuring they return to school sharp and prepared.

Flexibility and Accessibility
One of the core advantages of our summer program is its adaptability to each student's summer schedule. Understanding the value of the summer break for relaxation and personal pursuits, our courses are designed to fit into your summer plans. This flexibility means that no matter where you are in the world, you can access our educational resources without sacrificing the enjoyment of your summer vacation.

Earn Recognised Credits
Students who successfully complete the program receive credits that count towards their US Diploma, alongside a certificate of completion. These acknowledgments serve not only as a testament to your summer efforts but also as valuable additions to your academic portfolio.

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Program Details

The program runs for four weeks per session, with daily classes lasting two hours. This structure ensures depth of learning without compromising students' time for relaxation and other summer activities. With an expectation of 1-2 hours of homework daily, the program strikes a balance between continued learning and enjoying the summer break.

Participants can earn .5 credit per class, making this an excellent opportunity for students to advance their academic progress. With sessions starting in June and July, CGA offers flexibility to fit within summer plans.