Achieving More Online? This CGA Student Thinks So

03/04/20246 minute read
Achieving More Online? This CGA Student Thinks So

From earning the Connie Chung badge to planning a future in science, Rikuto's student experience at CGA, demonstrates the comprehensive nature of our international curriculum. It's this blend of content and practical skills that prepares our students for the challenges of higher education and beyond.

As Rikuto points out, the value of CGA lies not just in our curriculum but in our global community and the support system we offer. His time with us highlights how our community collaboratively inspires and motivates, creating limitless opportunities for learning.

Studying a Year Ahead

Rikuto is not your average student. He's pursuing A Levels in biology, chemistry, physics, and business, a year ahead of his peers.

At CGA we offer students the opportunity to study based on their ability, giving students who are ready, the chance to challenge themselves beyond traditional age constraints. "I took a part-time Pre-IG Math Class in the 5th grade and have been taking math a level above each year. I'll be heading to university at 17," Rikuto shares.

“I am aiming for Ivy League Universities. I'm thinking of taking a psychics course or something to do with Maths. I’d like to be a scientist.” With his sights set on university, for RIkuto, CGA’s Edexcel curriculum has helped him to better prepare for his career as a scientist. “The Edexcel curriculum that I'm learning teaches me a lot of practical skills. It's not only learning the content but you also learn how to think like a scientist. The syllabus and the content itself helps me thrive more for further education.”

The Magic of CGA

The international curriculum and the promise of a global community appealed to Rikuto in his choice of CGA, as it offered learning and opportunities unmatched by traditional schooling systems. “The reason I joined CGA was that I wanted to have more opportunities to further my education. CGA teaches an international curriculum accepted by a wide range of Ivy League universities.”

At CGA, Rikuto found not just a pathway to excelling in his academics but also a supportive and enthusiastic team of teachers and a community that fosters connections and inspires him daily. “The teachers are amazing. One of the best things about CGA is that the teachers are so supportive, and they are very enthusiastic and passionate about what they're teaching, so it makes me excited to go to class every day...and because the class sizes are so small, they can support everyone more individually.”

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Receiving the Connie Chung Badge

Rikuto's achievement in earning the Connie Chung badge, for his enthusiasm in interviewing CGA teachers and sharing what he learned, has highlighted his significant contribution in the CGA community. He is a great example of community building, with his drive to connect with and inspire CGA students.

Rikuto got the idea from his role in the academic leadership team. He decided to engage directly with his teachers for study tips and advice on different subjects and chose a creative way to share this information. “I thought I would compile the information into a video because I've always loved movies and videos, and think it would have a bigger impact for the students who viewed the videos.” This initiative led to Rikuto receiving the Connie Chung badge.

“The badges are the best thing to be implemented at CGA. The different categories, for example, academics or social, give you the incentive to go to class and pay attention in order to get the badge, or to engage in community events. In addition to getting credits, it is a really big incentive to engage in the CGA community. I’ve used them quite a lot.”

The Connie Chung badge is part of Rikuto’s wider involvement in improving the student experience. “I'm starting to get more involved in the community and I think it is amazing because there's so many student clubs and activities and everyone wants to support each other and make you feel that you are part of the community. I think that's one of the most amazing things about CGA as a school.”

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A Future Unlimited

Inspired by Rikuto's achievements? Explore more about CGA and how you, too, can join like minded peers. Whether you're interested in Maths & Physics, Business and Economics, or beyond, CGA is your launchpad to an exciting future.

Watch the video that earned Rikuto the Connie Chung badge and see for yourself the impact of our vibrant community.