The Rise of Online Schooling

09/10/20236 minute read
The Rise of Online Schooling

Online learning surged in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic, and it continues to be a choice embraced by students worldwide. The New Zealand Herald recently interviewed one of our very own students, Jade, who shared her perspective on the transition to online schooling with Crimson Global Academy (CGA) and its impact on education.

The Growth of CGA

Founded by New Zealand's Jamie Beaton, CGA has been offering online learning globally since 2019. However, between 2020 and 2022, there was a significant increase in the number of New Zealand students choosing CGA, with enrolments rising from 12 to 128 students.

When CGA student Jade was asked if she had any regrets about moving to online schooling, she responded, "I was wanting to push myself a bit more academically. At my local school, I felt quite unchallenged because it's so big, and the teachers couldn't really go out of the way for us like that." Covid-19 provided her with an opportunity to trial online learning part-time, and she found it so enjoyable that she decided to make the move to CGA full-time.

Is Learning Online a Lonely Road?

A common concern among parents and students considering online learning is the potential for isolation, a lack of social interaction, and a failure to develop crucial social skills. CGA's Jamie Beaton addresses this concern by highlighting that students in an online environment are proactive about connecting with their peers regularly through social media and other online platforms.

Jade, for instance, had no concerns about socialising in an online environment. She mentioned, "Honestly, I found that I have almost more time to socialise now because I'm able to learn a lot more efficiently. I'm not spending all my time outside of school constantly trying to self-study other subjects." Jade made friends with her classmates using CGA's online platforms like Slack, Kami, and ManageBac. She even had the opportunity to meet up with other CGA students in Auckland.

Jade acknowledges that the transition took some time to adjust to, not only the online environment but also the more intense learning structure. "At first, I didn't think I handled it very well. It required more effort on my part to make sure I was still going out and socialising and getting involved in my community, but I think I was still able to find balance."

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Addressing Key Barriers

The increase in enrolments at CGA highlights the advantage of recruiting teachers from around the world, according to Jamie Beaton. He explained, "A challenge in New Zealand physical schools is that they can recruit only teachers who physically live near the school, which is a huge constraint for a lot of subjects, particularly in areas like mathematics, artificial intelligence, languages, and computer science. In our case, we're able to source brilliant teachers from all over the world."

Another significant advantage of online learning is its flexibility. Students can enrol based on their remote location, while others enrol to take international exams with hopes of gaining admission to prestigious universities.

Where to Now?

Looking ahead, it's evident that online education will continue to thrive as parents continue to see the boundless opportunities it offers their children, making the future of learning as dynamic and diverse as its students.

For students considering online learning, Jade offers advice: "[Online learning] does require a certain degree of motivation, but if you want to be there, you can make it work." Jade is now applying to top universities worldwide and dreams of being accepted into the Electronic and Information Engineering course at Imperial College in London.

Jade takes pride in being a CGA student, as it opens up a world of opportunities for her. "It's really cool to get that kind of international community and also have access to more international opportunities."

This blog is based on the article as seen in the NZ Herald.

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Recognition by the Minister of Education

I would like to extend my congratulations to you and the Crimson Global Academy community for being selected as a top three finalist for innovation. This is a great achievement, and I acknowledge the dedication and mahi that has contributed to this success since your establishment just three years ago.

I know educators work incredibly hard to meet the needs of their students and communities, and it is wonderful for a school in Aotearoa New Zealand to receive this recognition. I have shared your news with the Ministry of Education.

I wish you and the Crimson Global Academy community all the very best for the remainder of the school year.

Hon Jan Tinetti
Minister of Education, New Zealand