CGA reaches 1000 student enrolments

16/11/20222 minute read
CGA reaches 1000 student enrolments

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) celebrates another fantastic milestone, reaching *1000 student enrolments in just two years! It’s thanks to the dedicated parents, ambitious students, world-class teachers and forward-thinking leadership that makes CGA a vibrant and engaging online school where students can thrive!

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CGA has taken online schooling to the next level, using the latest education technologies, offering flexible enrolment options and globally recognized curriculum choices, as well as expert university admissions support. Since it’s inception in 2020, CGA has grown from strength to strength.

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What do students say about studying online with CGA?

  • My favourite thing about CGA is the different people you get to connect with. Some people live close by and I have become really good friends with them, while others live far away like Singapore and Japan. It has been great to connect with them and learn their stories.” - Gemma
  • “CGA has really proved to me that you can focus on your hobbies, and the things that you are passionate about as well as your academics.” - Anastasia
  • “I feel so prepared for college. That’s one of the amazing things about CGA. They are not a school that stops in high school. They are so influential and want to make sure you are ready for the next stage in your life... which is university. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more prepared than I do at this moment and I still have a year and a half to go. I’m so proud that I’m working towards my future and my teachers are so invested in your future.” - Isabella
  • “CGA ticks all of the boxes, both academically and in terms of extracurriculars, which was amazing because I was able to study ahead of my year. In a normal school I would be bored during lessons and don’t learn anything new, but with CGA you always learn something new.” - Devaansh
*all-time enrolments