CGA Prizegiving December 2022

09/12/20226 minute read
CGA Prizegiving December 2022

CGA hosted a prizegiving ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the academic, extracurricular and leadership achievements of our students studying in the Aoraki February 2022, May 2022  and  Greenwich January 2022 intakes.

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The event was hosted by CGA Associate Principal and Director of Studies Mark Vella. He was joined by the Chair of the Board of CGA and Director of  Crimson Education, Ms Janine Manning, who gave a warm welcome to the CGA school community. She spoke about the vision of CGA to provide personalised online education opportunities to students and families who are looking for flexibility in a dynamically-paced learning environment and how quickly it’s being realised. She also mentioned that our students are at the heart of everything we do, and as we celebrate their achievements, we certainly have a lot to be proud of.

CGA’s Principals

Executive Principal Mr John Morris spoke about the important role teachers our teachers play in  cultivating our students’ interests so they can excel.

As a global school, we are very fortunate that we are able to [recruit] teachers worldwide and so can select extraordinarily talented teachers who have the great ability to foster the magic of learning and inspire adolescent minds to the level they never thought possible.

Principal Mark Phillips concluded by recognising the academic talent, breadth of success, and wide range of extracurricular activities by our award winners as truly impressive. He also acknowledged each CGA student for their successes and thanked them for their valuable contributions to CGA.

Students and parents enjoyed a musical performance by Eva Wu who performed Rococo Variations by Tchaikovsky, accompanied by Yating Liu on the piano.  Eva is part of the Chicago Trio that played in the New Zealand Chamber Competition. They were placed in the finals and awarded the KBB Award. Currently, Eva is the Associate Principal of the Auckland Youth Orchestra.

The Lures, a band led by Ayane Miura made up of present and past CGA students, performed a cover of the classic pop tune ‘Day Dream Believers’

And for the Prizewinners!

Special Awards

  • Service to School Award goes to Yuko Nagakura.
    The Service to School award is presented to a student who has contributed with energy and enthusiasm to a wide range of activities to support and strengthen CGA’s community. Cga Prizegiving Awards 4 Dec 2022 2 Service To School 2022 12 07 21 04 22

  • All-rounder Award goes to Ayane Miura
    CGA presents an  All Rounder award to recognize students who have made excellent contributions across numerous aspects of CGA life and community life.
    Cga Prizegiving Awards 4 Dec 2022 3 All Rounder 2022 12 07 21 04 29

  • Proxime Accessit goes to  **Gemma Bishop
    **Proxime Accessit is our second most prestigious academic award.  It is given for academic excellence across a range of subjects and academic endeavour.

    Cga Prizegiving Awards 4 Dec 2022 4 Proxime Accessit 2022 12 07 21 04 33

  • The Dux Award goes to Yuko Nagakura
    The Dux Award is the premier award given to the student with the highest overall ranking in academic achievement for the graduating year. The word Dux is Latin for “leader”, and in schools, it is a modern title given to the top scholar.

During her speech on behalf of the CGA student body, Yuko spoke about her two and a half years at CGA, the global experience of having classmates from around the world and her teachers.

Students at CGA are given endless opportunities to build the school that they want. We can choose the classes we take, make clubs of our own and still make time for everything else outside of school. During my time here, I’ve got to pursue my passions… CGA is always willing to give us resources to make these things happen, from faculty support, technology and even a budget for school projects.

Due to the small class sizes, I got to connect with my teachers. I can ask for help without hesitation and they are always understanding.

Extracurricular awards

Di Austin announced the Extra-Curricular Awards — given to students who have demonstrated consistent, active engagement and made a positive contribution to extra-curricular activities through their reliability, determination, initiative, leadership and service to others.

Head Student Leadership Award

CGA Principal, Mr Mark Phillips, announced the Student Leadership Award -  given to acknowledge the contribution of CGA’s Head Student who has performed a major leadership role in the school. Under her leadership, this year’s prefect group showed commendable commitment and initiative.

The award goes to Head Student of CGA - Yuko Nagakura

Subject Awards

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Pre-International GCSE

Stage 1 (Aoraki, February 2022 starters):
  • Chloe Chiesa - English Language
  • Zac Ford - Mathematics
  • Sayoomi Balaji - Science
Stage 2 (Aoraki, February 2022 starters):
  • Marisa Sasaki - Commerce
  • Hanae Tsunokawa - Computer Science
  • Abigail Pabedinskas - English
  • Lucy Sadler-Bridge - Global Citizenship
  • Unaza Mohammed - Mathematics
  • Abigail Pabedinskas - Science
Stage 1 (Aoraki, May 2022 starters):
  • Sera Nishiyori - English Language
  • Josie Blunt-MacKenzie - Mathematics & Science
Stage 2 (Aoraki, May 2022 starters):
  • Taylah Zhang - English Literature
  • Oli Stacey - Mathematics
  • Leo Huo - Science

International GCSE

Aoraki, February 2022 starters:
  • Ram Ravishankar - Biology & Chemistry
  • Joel Bishop - Economics
  • Paige Bukovsan - English Literature
  • Louise Kretz - French
  • Arien He - History
  • Julie Nakamura - Mathematics
  • Devin Shen - Physics
  • Chisa Yamaoka - Psychology
Greenwich, January 2022 starters::
  • Kei Hato - Biology
  • Madison Kranz - Chemistry & Economics & English Language & Mathematics
  • Keira Kyslinger - Physics
Aoraki, May 2022 Starters:
  • Nishwitha Kappuluri - Mathematics
  • Mia Reddy - English

AS Level

Aoraki, February 2022 starters:
  • Jasmine Wei - Biology & English Literature
  • Taya Hawkins Rangihika - Business
  • Kowshi Obli Raj - Chemistry
  • Felicity Luder - Economics & Psychology
  • Kanon Kawamura - Further Mathematics
  • Zimo Han - History
  • Fynn Buttery - Mathematics
  • Melody Shao - Physics

A2 Level

Aoraki , February 2022 starters:
  • Gemma Bishop – Biology & English Literature & Geography
  • Yuko Nagakura - Business & Economics & Further Mathematics & History
  • Jade Sceats - Chemistry & Physics
  • Devin Shen - Mathematics
  • Ellen Thompson - Psychology
Greenwich, January 2022 starters:
  • Aikah Zungu - English Literature & English Language
  • Nastasya Anokhina - Economics & Mathematics & Physics

High Distinction Awards

High Distinction Awards are made to students who have consistently performed at the highest level in a minimum of three subjects. They are awarded at three levels for those undertaking courses of study that are predominantly made up of iGCSE, AS or A2 subjects.

High Distinction Awards in an IG dominant course go to::

  • Ram Ravishankar
  • Madison Krantz

High Distinction Awards in an AS course, go to:

  • Felicity Luder
  • Jasmine Wei

High Distinction Awards in an A2 course, go to:

  • Nastasya Anokhina
  • Jade Sceats

Achieving excellence at this level requires outstanding ability and considerable effort.

Congratulations to all our winners!

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