Paige's Path to Head of Aoraki at CGA

23/01/20244 minute read
Paige's Path to Head of Aoraki at CGA

We recently met with Paige, Crimson Global Academy's newly appointed Head of Aoraki who got to share her vision for her upcoming role. It quickly became clear that Paige is a visionary as she shared her vision as student leadership and the fresh ideas she plans to bring to the CGA student community.

Paige's CGA Journey Begins

Paige reminisces about her early days at CGA, stating, “I joined CGA at the start of 2022. Now that I'm going into my final years at CGA, it's exciting to work with the student leadership team to lead the school in a really positive direction.” Her appointment was met with a mix of excitement and nerves, acknowledging the responsibility that comes with the role.

Paige's leadership journey at CGA is inspiring. Starting as the Elon House captain, she played a pivotal role in the inaugural student leadership team, promoting the house system and launching competitions, including a student-designed mascot contest and exercise challenges during exam seasons.

With prior experience in the leadership team she highlights the unique opportunities of leading in a virtual learning environment, saying, “It is exciting that we can really dictate and choose the course we want our projects to take when launching new ideas and initiatives, because…the school is so young.” She emphasises the supportive team at CGA and the passion of the teachers, which she believes are crucial for fostering a positive leadership environment.

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Pride in CGA and the Vision Ahead

When asked what she values most about CGA, Paige responds passionately with, “What do I value most about CGA? It is hard to pick just one thing. I really value the teachers at CGA, the global student body and the way every voice is heard. Our diverse student body is at the heart of CGA, which is evident in the way social events are run and the quality of support available for students.” Her goal is to enhance the student experience for CGA's student body, recognising the importance of preparing for a global future.

Looking ahead as Head of Aoraki, Paige is excited about organising more face-to-face, in-person meetups, a formal “student-suggestion box”, and possibly a school camp. She is keen to enhance the student experience with even more support for learning online, such as launching opportunities for peer-mentoring and videos with advice on “note-taking and study habits” that work well for current CGA students. 

“I want to make the student experience the best it can be for every single student at CGA. Given that our student body is so diverse, making sure our initiatives benefit every single person in every single country is a challenge, but one that is exciting to tackle.”

Personal Goals and CGA's Holistic Approach

Paige aims to continue maximising her learning, strengthening friendships, and enjoying the social environment of CGA over the course of this year. She believes that fun in, and out of, the classroom can lead to better learning outcomes. This approach aligns with CGA's commitment to providing a holistic student experience.

As we celebrate Paige's new leadership role, we're excited to see the positive impact she'll bring to our student community this year.