Lucy Leads Morrison House in 2024

29/01/20244 minute read
Lucy Leads Morrison House in 2024

We recently caught up with Lucy, a 15-year-old student from New Zealand and the newly elected Head of Morrison House at CGA. Alongside tackling her new leadership role, Lucy is also eyeing a future in medicine, aspiring to serve as a doctor in the New Zealand army or navy. Learn how Lucy's determination is preparing her to achieve these ambitious goals.

A Turnaround at CGA

Lucy candidly shares how CGA played a pivotal role in her life. “CGA... saved me, truly. I was not in a very good place education-wise or just anything mentally before I came to CGA. But I finally felt at home. I finally felt like myself when I had fun and I regained my passion for learning,” she reflects. This newfound passion and a sense of belonging at CGA were key in her decision to step into a leadership role.

Taking on the role of Head of Morrison House was an unexpected turn for Lucy, who had originally set her sights on becoming Head of Academics. But it was the teaching staff at CGA who recognised a potential in her that she hadn't yet seen in herself. She embraced the unexpected with open arms. “I was absolutely thrilled,” Lucy says about being chosen for this role, as she was ready to take on new challenges and opportunities.

This appointment reflects CGA's ethos and culture of identifying and nurturing the latent talents of students, providing them with opportunities to step into roles they might not yet feel ready for, and helping them realise their true capabilities.

When asked about what aspects of CGA enabled her to rediscover her love for learning, Lucy doesn’t hesitate to praise her teachers. “The teachers, definitely, they pushed… and they made me regain my passion. I'm surrounded by people that are always smarter than me. I will never be the smartest person in a room here, which I love so much. And I feel like I've learned so much more from my peers than I ever would in, like, a normal school. And I love that."

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Leadership Goals for 2024

As the new head of Morrison House, Lucy is brimming with ideas and initiatives. She is particularly passionate about implementing a mentoring system for new students. “It's a buddy system where a student that's already at CGA...pairs up with a new student." The goal is to ease the transition for new students, particularly those adjusting to the online school environment, ensuring they feel comfortable and can concentrate on their academic journey.

Among her plans for the new mentoring system, Lucy is keen on enhancing the house point system, drawing inspiration from the likes of Harry Potter to foster a competitive spirit. She envisions this system as a motivator for students to engage more actively in school activities, contributing not only to their personal growth but also to their respective houses.

Lucy’s interview also sheds light on the unique advantages of online learning. She points out the benefits of breakout rooms in classes, the ease of making friends without the usual school pressures, and the strong connections formed with teachers. “All the teachers here want to be here. They want to help you, they want to push you,” she notes, appreciating the supportive and encouraging teaching staff at CGA.

Flourishing in the CGA Community

In her final words, Lucy’s advice to fellow and new students is “Get to know your teachers and realise that if you want to do something with your life, almost everyone around you [at CGA] has a similar always try…not only teachers, but your peers will help push you to want to be better.” 

We are so glad to hear of Lucy’s encouragement to engage and connect within the CGA community as it highlights the importance of taking an active role in your education, and the supportive community of our school to help you achieve your goals.

Her transformation since joining CGA is evident in her goals, her achievements and the relationships formed with her teachers and peers. Her story is inspirational, not only as a leader but also indicative of the potential that online learning environments have in shaping young, ambitious minds.