Celebrating CGA Students Stepping Into Leadership Roles

14/12/20224 minute read
Celebrating CGA Students Stepping Into Leadership Roles

Student leadership is a crucial part of our students’ personal and academic development. By taking on leadership roles, students are given the opportunity to learn valuable skills such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. These skills are not only beneficial for their future careers, but it also helps students succeed in their studies and make a positive impact in their school and communities.

Student leadership in an online school can take many different forms, just as it does in a traditional brick-and-mortar school. CGA’s Student Leadership roles include:

  • Faculty & Head Prefects: Elected students represent the CGA student body in their respective roles. It allows students to have a say in shaping the direction of their education and provides valuable leadership experience which can help build students' resumes and university applications. It can also be personally fulfilling and a great way to connect with other students and teachers.
  • ECL Prefects: Another way that students can develop their leadership skills is by participating in extracurricular activities such as Economics, Model UN or Web Development clubs. These activities provide students with the opportunity to work with others towards a common goal and take on leadership roles within their team or group.
  • House Captains: CGA Houses have been established to serve as beacons of CGA’s values. Our vision in selecting these Houses is to reflect the potential we see in each of our students, as members of this truly global community. The people whose names adorn each House represent entrepreneurship, excellence, critical thinking, global citizenship and leadership - qualities we encourage all students and especially the House Captains to embrace.
  • Student Mentors: Students volunteer to be a peer tutor or mentor for other students in CGA, providing academic support and guidance to help fellow students succeed.
  • Student Council representatives: Being a student council representative is a rewarding experience for a student who wants to have a voice in the school and who wants to make a positive impact on the CGA community.
  • Student-led clubs: Student-led clubs provide a way for our students to collaborate with others globally on a subject of interest. Students can even propose and form new clubs.

By taking on leadership roles and participating in a variety of activities, students can develop valuable skills that will benefit them in their future studies and careers as well as in their personal lives.

We’re very proud of our students and want to recognise and congratulate each student stepping into their respective Leadership Roles.

  • Felicity Luder - Head of Aoraki
  • Athalia Oliver - Head of Cultural
  • Siena McKenzie-Smith - Head of Arts
  • Anette Osagie - Head of Social Life
  • Jade Sceats - Head of Academics
  • Hakkei Sekine - Head of ECL’s
  • Paige Bukovsan - Elon House Captain
  • Max Good - Morrison House Captain
  • Maryam El-af - Malala House Captain

As Malala House Captain, I want to develop a stronger community within CGA, where parents, students and teachers can cultivate meaningful relationships. One day, I hope to study a joint degree in psychology and sociology at university. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree, I want to pursue law school and hopefully become a Family Attorney or a Medical Malpractice Attorney.

  • Isabella Silva - Hawking House Captain

Hawking House stands for excellence and curiosity and I am so proud of being named Captain for Hawking House. I hope I can do not only the name justice, but my fellow Hawking students justice as well. CGA encourages you to dream big, so I have several long terms goals I am working towards at the moment… I am working towards getting admitted to a top 20 US University… with a major in sociology and a minor in economics or business.

I want to be the type of leader that is authentic and who always listens to my peers, empowering them to voice their opinions and work together to create a community where we can build stronger bonds with each other. At CGA, I’ve learnt to be passionate about what I want to do. I’ve always wanted to major in business but since I joined CGA my interests have changed. I never knew that I had a passion for science, and now I’m sure that I’l major in that. I am particularly interested in neuroscience and want to become a neurosurgeon. Some of the universities I’m looking at are Browns, Stanford and Harvard.

CGA House Captains