6 Fun Ways to Change the World on International Youth Day

09/08/20234 minute read
6 Fun Ways to Change the World on International Youth Day

Discover your potential as a future changemaker! On International Youth Day, we celebrate the incredible power of young minds to create a positive impact. As students, you possess a unique ability to drive sustainability and social change in fun and creative ways. Let's explore six exciting ideas inspired by Crimson Global Academy (CGA) that can help you make a difference in your daily life and shape a brighter future for all.

Join the movement for positive change

Reconnect with your surroundings

How about organizing a neighborhood cleanup, planting trees, or creating a community garden? It's a wonderful way to beautify your surroundings and inspire others to appreciate Mother Nature. Not only is this super relaxing and allows time away from your desk, but you'll get a chance to connect with the environment and people around you, while making a positive impact.

Perform random acts of kindness

When was the last time you expressed gratitude to someone around you? This International Youth Day, let's focus on fostering a kinder world by performing random acts of kindness.. Whether it's surprising your teacher with an appreciation note, lending a helping hand to a friend, or assisting your Mum in the kitchen, small acts of kindness can leave a lasting impression and contribute to a brighter and more caring world.

DIY Upcycling Projects

Get your creative juices flowing with exciting upcycling projects. Instead of discarding old items, why not transform them into something new and stylish? Give that old T-shirt a trendy makeover, create unique decor using recycled materials, or design eco-friendly gifts for your friends and family. Upcycling not only unleashes your creativity but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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Virtual Awareness Campaign

Unleash your passion and creativity by creating a virtual awareness campaign on social media. Choose a cause that deeply resonates with you and turn it into your passion project. Connect with your friends and fellow classmates to help join you in sharing the cause and impact positive change in your community.

Share captivating graphics, compelling narratives, and persuasive messages to captivate the attention of your online community. Through collaborative efforts, you can enhance the reach and influence of your campaign, motivating others to take meaningful action.

Become an Eco-Champion

Channel your inner eco-champion. Make eco-friendly choices a part of your daily routine! Use reusable water bottles, say no to single-use plastics, and support eco-conscious brands. Your actions can inspire others to join the green movement!

Virtual Diversity Day Celebration

Organize a virtual Diversity Day celebration where you and your friends can come together to share and learn about various cultures, cuisines, and traditions. As a global community, this kind of event provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with your classmates, gain insights into their diverse backgrounds, and foster a deeper understanding of one another.

Leave your mark in the world!

Are you ready to be a superhero for the planet and your community? With these fun ideas, you can make a real difference on International Youth Day and beyond. Embrace your creativity, passion, and dedication to create a brighter and better world. Join CGA to be part of our diverse student community. Speak to an Academic Advisor today to learn more!