CGA responds to proposed science curriculum changes in New Zealand

06/07/20238 minute read
CGA responds to proposed science curriculum changes in New Zealand

What options do Kiwi students have if new science curriculum draft is accepted in New Zealand?

Crimson Global Academy (CGA), a private online high school in New Zealand is sending students to top universities around the world with International Curricula.

In recent news, the proposed changes to the science curriculum in New Zealand have sparked concern among students and teachers about the future opportunities available to Kiwi students. The concern stems from the lack of mention of - well, science! However, at CGA, we offer an alternative. Our online school has a proven track record of sending students to top universities abroad, thanks to our adherence to a globally recognised and respected international curriculum.

Crimson Global Academy's Principal, Mark Phillips, shares similar thoughts of many educators when he spoke to ​​Kerre Woodham on Newstalk ZB:

This is simply unbelievable to be completely honest. At CGA, we focus on quite a clear curriculum, clear objectives.”

The proposed curriculum suggests teaching science through four broad areas: the Earth system, biodiversity, food, energy and water, and infectious diseases. Missing from the draft was any mention of physics, chemistry or biology. This revision raises concerns regarding its potential impact on students' preparedness for higher education and applications to overseas universities. If the new science draft is accepted in New Zealand, students may find themselves at a disadvantage to their global counterparts. Ronan Kearny, HoD Biology and CGA Vice Principal, had this to say:

The proposed changes to the science curriculum in New Zealand are deeply concerning. They risk leaving students underprepared for the challenges of the future and could potentially undermine their prospects for international tertiary education. At CGA, we remain committed to delivering a comprehensive and rigorous science curriculum that prepares our students for success.

Jamie Beaton, co-founder of CGA, echoes Phillips and Kearny’s sentiments as both emphasise the importance of Kiwis having access to world-class education, that isn’t undermined by a complacent system. Beaton said:

I love that CGA is a direct solution to this problem and we give parents and students a genuine powerful alternative.

Amidst this uncertainty, CGA stands strong and confident in its robust curriculum offering. As an internationally-accredited online private school offering the Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel A levels and GCSEs, CGA provides a pathway for students to excel in science and other subjects to gain admission to top universities around the world.

Being an online private school, the advantages lie in that it is not strained by geography nor governed by local curriculum regulations. Phillips states CGA is able to recruit and support some of the world's best teachers who are equipped with all the necessary resources and guidance they need. We have a clear degree of clarity about what needs to be taught.

As a Cambridge international school, CGA aligns with a curriculum taught in over 10,000 schools across 160 countries, recognized by prestigious tertiary institutions worldwide.

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A World-Class Science Curriculum:

At CGA, we understand the importance of a strong foundation in science education. We follow the British curriculum, meaning that our curriculum remains robust and comprehensive. CGA is accredited by Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment to offer International GCSEs and A-Levels, which are recognised and respected by leading universities worldwide. This approach continues to feature all the science content and skills that seem to be missing from the proposed New Zealand draft. Our curriculum ensures a thorough grounding in physics, chemistry, and biology, providing students with the foundational knowledge they need to excel in science. By adhering to this internationally recognised standard, CGA ensures that its students receive a top-quality education and are prepared for future academic and career success. Our students are able to not only compete on a global stage but can build a portfolio that stands out among the rest.

Let’s take a look at A Levels

A-Levels are a particularly good choice for students seeking a rigorous, comprehensive education. They offer a depth of study that encourages understanding and enables students to become specialists in their chosen subjects. This depth and specialisation are highly valued by top universities worldwide. The curriculum covers a broad range of topics in each subject, ensuring students have a solid foundation upon which to build their future studies. A-Levels are not just about rote learning; they encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and the application of knowledge - skills that are essential in the modern world.

A level Physics covers a wide range of topics, including forces and motion, waves, energy resources, magnetism, radioactivity, and astrophysics. While in Biology, students explore the nature and variety of living organisms, study the structure and functions within living organisms, and delve into topics like reproduction and inheritance. And in Chemistry students will study Organic Chemistry, Transition Metals & Organic Nitrogen Chemistry as well as practical skills.

Students will learn essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of the subject and how they relate to each other. They will also get a deep appreciation of the skills, knowledge and understanding of scientific methods, all necessary for those seeking careers in Engineering, Medicine and Science.

International Recognition and University Pathways

One of the primary concerns raised by the proposed science draft is the potential impact on students' opportunities after school. However, at CGA, we can confidently state that our students are well-positioned for success, regardless of the changes to the local curriculum. Our curricula is globally recognised, opening doors to universities around the world.

CGA's students have consistently gained admission to prestigious institutions such as Stanford, Oxford, and Cambridge, including the Ivy League in the US, among many others. The universities value the depth and rigour of the Cambridge curriculum, which provides students with a solid academic foundation and prepares them to excel in higher education.

Within our University and Careers department, our mission is to support the student’s holistic development throughout their time at CGA. We’re committed to provide the most up-to-date university and careers guidance, which is why our staff are members of the foremost professional organisations in the field, and regularly attend conferences to learn, develop, and lead within the industry. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of counseling, ensuring that our student-centric approach is committed to the principles of integrity, transparency, and student well-being.

Meet our Counselor

From rural New Zealand to Oxford

Anna Hutchens, a bright student from rural New Zealand has thrived academically through CGA's Cambridge curricula. Anna's passion for science was ignited during her early years, but she faced limited opportunities in her local school, completing the NCEAs. As she aspired to attend medical schools in the UK, Anna enrolled in CGA to take three additional A Level subjects (Chemistry, Math and Biology) alongside her full-time NCEA studies. Anna's dedication and the rigorous academic environment at CGA enabled her to achieve outstanding results in her A level science subjects. Anna has been admitted to Oxford to study medicine one of the most competitive courses in the UK as an international student.

While the proposed changes to the science curriculum in New Zealand may leave students and teachers uncertain about the future, CGA offers a compelling solution. As an internationally accredited online school, CGA provides a robust science curriculum that is recognized by top universities worldwide. By choosing CGA, New Zealand students can continue to pursue their passion for science, ensuring a bright future and a world of opportunities.

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