CGA named Top 10 - World's Best Schools for Innovation

16/06/20234 minute read
CGA named Top 10 - World's Best Schools for Innovation

It is with immense pleasure and great honor to announce that Crimson Global Academy has been named one of the Top 10 finalists for the prestigious World's Best Schools Prize for Innovation.  

As the only school from Australia and New Zealand to make the list, this recognition is a testament to our commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience that puts our students on the world stage.

Top 10 for Technology Innovation Meets Education

The World's Best Schools Prize for Innovation recognize educational institutions that embrace groundbreaking practices to overcome challenges and revolutionize the field of education.

At Crimson Global Academy, we have always been at the forefront of innovative teaching methods and have continuously pushed boundaries to provide our students with a transformative online learning experience.

“The flexibility with curriculum options, the availability of cutting edge technology, the opportunity to learn at an accelerated pace and study a qualification that is recognised by all the leading universities” are many of the reasons that make CGA a top contender, says Mark Philips, Principal of CGA.

One of the key reasons for our selection as a top 10 finalist is our unwavering focus on technology innovation. We have embraced the latest advancements in educational technology to enhance our students' learning experience. By integrating a cutting-edge online learning platform, we create a dynamic and immersive learning environment that prepares our students for entry into the most elite universities around the world.

“I must congratulate Crimson Global Academy on being named in the Top 10 shortlists for the World’s Best School Prizes 2023. Schools across the globe will learn from the story of this trailblazing New Zealand institution and the culture it has cultivated.”  - Vikas Pota, Founder of T4 Education and the World’s Best School Prizes

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According to John Key, Former New Zealand Prime Minister, Crimson Global Academy's approach to education is truly exceptional. “CGA really looks at what people can do at the pace they want to do it…we are sitting here saying let's draw on the best teaching opportunities from around the world, and use virtual learning…this is the future of education” says John.

At CGA, we believe that active participation and hands-on experiences lead to deeper understanding and knowledge retention. Our innovative teaching methods involve project-based learning, interactive discussions, and real-world applications. By actively involving our students in their learning journey, we nurture their curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, setting them up for success in university and beyond!

Crimson Global Academy's inclusion in the Top 10 shortlist of the World's Best Schools Prize is not an isolated achievement. We are proud to be ranked among the Top 50 schools in New Zealand for helping students gain entry into the best Ivy League universities. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to preparing students for admission into the world's best universities and helping them achieve their academic goals.

This achievement reflects our dedication to providing a world-class education that prepares students to excel in the modern world. As we continue to inspire innovation, embrace technology, foster a global community, and promote engaged learning, we invite you to join us in celebrating this achievement.

Watch the full announcement video below!