Celebrating Learning Without Borders: International Day of Education 2024

22/01/20245 minute read
Celebrating Learning Without Borders: International Day of Education 2024

As we commemorate International Day of Education, the 2024 theme "Learning for Lasting Peace" resonates profoundly, especially in a world grappling with escalating conflicts, injustice, and social unrest.

At Crimson Global Academy (CGA), we align with this theme by fostering an educational environment that goes beyond academics, aiming to cultivate peace, understanding, and global citizenship among our students. In a time marked by rising discrimination, the CGA community works to empower learners with the knowledge, values, and skills to be agents of peace in their communities.

Our Teachers on Global Learning at CGA

Aligned with the "Learning for Lasting Peace" theme of this year's International Day of Education, our teachers at CGA play a pivotal role in sculpting a generation ready to thrive in a diverse global environment. Their experiences shed light on CGA's distinctive educational ethos, where global learning seamlessly merges with our commitment to cultivate understanding, respect, and support across a diverse student culture.

Global learning at CGA isn't just about viewing issues and topics from a global perspective, but also developing a sense of global citizenship. Through developing a strong understanding of the world, we are able to recognise our role and responsibilities in addressing global challenges and learn the skills to contribute to positive change. 
- Edie Griffiths, CGA Business and Economics Teacher

Having spent most of my career teaching abroad in International Schools, I was used to teaching students drawn from around the globe. On returning to my home country to teach in 2018, I found I really missed teaching students who came from diverse backgrounds but who often shared an international outlook and mindset. I was then thrilled to find a role at CGA, a school which truly lives up to the global part of its name. It is remarkable to think that CGA has brought together students from across the world together to learn in one place and how technology coupled with a vision, has made this possible.
- Richard Gree, CGA Physics and Mathematics Teacher

What makes global teaching and learning at CGA unique is that I can meet students anywhere the Internet is accessible, and I get to learn so many relevant and useful technological tools from students and the school to best support teaching and learning.
- Vince Nguyen, CGA Mathematics Teacher

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What makes global learning at CGA special to me is teaching a class with students in numerous countries and situations around the globe. My Pre-iG science class has students in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Japan, Namibia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, France, Israel, South Africa and Italy. Students and teachers at CGA are very lucky to be in such a situation!
- Dr Jamie Robinson, CGA Biology Teacher

At CGA, my role as a Computer Science teacher is truly special, thanks to the diverse and motivated students hailing from different parts of the world. Their commitment to learning, coupled with the intriguing mix of differences and similarities, adds a distinctive charm to the CGA educational experience.
- Amanda Brooksbank, CGA Computer Science teacher

Crimson Global Academy uniquely fosters profound learning through its global reach, bringing together diverse minds that not only share knowledge but also broaden each other's horizons. This convergence of cultures and ideas in an educational setting is a powerful catalyst for both personal and academic growth.  
- Dr Niki Fraser, CGA English Teacher

Working in a virtual platform connects students from a diversity of cultures and allows them to learn and engage in unrestricted ways. The flexibility of learning allows a student centered personalized approach creating a student centered global experience.
- Emer Kearney, CGA English Teacher

A Commitment to Peace through Education

On this International Day of Education, we acknowledge how global learning plays a significant role in building bridges of peace and understanding across diverse cultures. In our online classrooms, we are fostering a generation of learners who are not only prepared academically but are also equipped to lead and create healthy connections amongst their relationships with their peers, families and in our increasingly global society.
To learn about our CGA community, get in touch with one of our Academic Advisors and be part of this inspiring collective of learners.