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Pre-International GCSE Courses

What is the Pre-International GCSE Programme?

The Pre-International GCSE is an online programme developed for 10-13 year olds that provides a knowledge base for the academically rigorous International GCSEs. The programme is specifically designed for CGA by our teachers based on Pearson’s Lower Secondary curriculum.

There are two stages in the programme with Stage 1 serving as a foundation for Stage 2. Students can enrol full time for Stage 2 by taking 5-6 subjects or enrol part-time for both stages by taking 1-2 subjects.

Formative assessments run through every aspect of the programme to prepare students for an internal examination at the end of the course.

online gcse and a level
Pre-International GCSE Stages
Stage 1Stage 2
Typical age range12-1313-14
Length1 year1 year
Number of subjects for Full-Time5-65-6
Number of subjects for Part-Time1-21-2

The Pathway at CGA


Frequently Asked Questions

What curriculum does CGA use?

CGA uses the International GCSE and International Advanced Level (A-Level) curriculum, as well as offering Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

The International GCSE and International Advanced Level (A-Level) curriculum is provided by Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge. This qualification is internationally recognised and, currently, these exams are sat by over 4 million students in 6500 schools in 120 countries. The International Advanced Level qualification is usually a two-year programme. International AS exams count for half of the final International A-Level grade.

AP courses allow high school students to take classes at the US university level. They allow students to study 38 subjects in-depth and prepare them for college level work. Most US universities recognize AP credit as college credit. The AP Program offers several awards for high achievement. Each year, over 2.8 million students take AP exams, with most students taking multiple APs during the course of their high school careers. AP is one of the most recognized curricula for top universities and CGA is looking forward to launching this program.

Can I take British curriculum subjects while I am a IB/NCEA student?

Yes. Students should talk to a CGA Enrolment Team about University Entry requirements and subject choice.

After I graduate from CGA, can I go to university in the US/UK/NZ or any other countries?

Yes, you will be well prepared to apply to enter any university in the world. As always, university entrance is competitive and successful entry will be dependent on not only a successful academic background but a breadth of co-curricular activity, which is encouraged and supported at CGA.

Will CGA students receive transcripts and official High School Graduation?

Students will receive regular and timely CGA Academic Transcripts, which detail grades and likely or expected final examination grades.

Each class will have a combination of examinations, mid-term tests and project-based assessments (individual and group).

In order to officially graduate from High School, a student must meet the NZQA High School Graduation requirements. The requirements usually involve taking at least 3 A-Levels and 5 International GCSE subjects. Specific subjects must be taken from different subject groups and graduation will depend on their full subject completion.

Our Academic Advisors will ensure that students select the right subjects to meet graduation requirements and provide the best opportunities beyond high school.