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CGA Classroom Adventures

There aren’t many schools who can boast about teaching a maths class from the top of a mountain, but at CGA, we do things a little differently. Join the virtual class as 10 students from around the world calculate the height of the mountain in Wales.

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Experience the online classroom

CGA is not your typical school - It has been built to enable our students to achieve their full potential. We didn’t just build CGA to be the best online school, we built it to be the very best school, period.

Our approach to online learning optimises every dimension of student academic achievement.

Through our flexible class scheduling, one-to-one support, and a wide variety of examination and testing options, students will embark on an educational journey which caters to their individual needs and drives them to achieve their full potential.

CGA uses the best-in-class technology to provide a rich and engaging online experience for our students and teachers. Our technology resources are unmatched to traditional schools. Students and teachers have the ability to interact through live-polls and quizzes, break-out into smaller groups for collaboration, message and chat to provide input and feedback in real-time and use the interactive white-boarding tool to animate, annotate and collaborate with peers.

Experience the online classroom

CGA is Global

CGA is a truly global high school. With enrollments from more than 20 countries, students can study from anywhere in the world - from an apartment in Japan to a farm in rural New Zealand; the top of a mountain in Wales to a yacht in the Mediterranean. Our online classrooms feel small, yet limitless at the same time, giving students the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of global peers.

Moreover, by being online, we’re able to hire the very best teachers from around the world - we’re not restricted by geographic location like traditional schools might. With over 20 years of experience on average, our teachers are the very best in their field.

CGA is Global

Meet our Teacher

Dr. Andrew Daniel is a mathematics teacher and Associate Principal at CGA. Across his career he’s taught in five different schools, in the UK and overseas, and also been involved in university preparation and extra-curricular activities programmes. At CGA he teaches International GCSE and AS Level Mathematics. Dr Daniel is particularly interested in technology and IT in education, in particular the mathematics of 3D computer game design and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Andrew Daniel

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