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Crimson Global Academy

Find out how the UK's most ambitious students are preparing for top universities with online study and unbeatable extracurriculars.

Reimagining education for the future

CGA is an internationally accredited online school for high-achievers, leaders and students ready to experience a new way of learning.

CGA allows top UK students to improve their academic profile through:

  • Accelerated learning (studying at a level above their current school year)
  • Additional subjects
  • Classes and exams outside of their school curriculum

How do you stand out from the 40,000 applications to top UK & US universities read each year? Over 40% of Oxbridge students have 4 or more A-Levels - is your profile competitive for a top university?

Students are able to learn at a time and pace that suits them with classes based on ability, not age. They can also apply that taught knowledge to extracurricular projects such as 3D game development, mock investment portfolios and robotics.

Online education
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What can I study at CGA?

CGA partners with the Pearson Edexcel exam board to provide the curriculum and our students work with world-renowned teachers who are experts in their field.

Why join Crimson Global Academy?

Crimson Global Academy is a fully registered online school delivering live, world-class teaching to students in their own homes.

Our students are full and part-time - with many students using CGA to undertake additional subjects that resonate with top US and UK university admissions officers looking for students who have ‘gone that extra mile’.

Exceptional teachers

Our fully registered teachers, who are experts in their field, are selected for their engagement, inspiration, and results.

Like-minded peers

Students will be surrounded by a diverse group of global classmates who demonstrate high levels of maturity, drive and organisation.

Small class sizes

Our small, real-time classes are built for interaction and collaboration providing a more personalised learning experience.

Ability-based learning

We allow our students to learn based on ability, not age. Over 40% of CGA students are studying at a higher level than their age.

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CGA students receive outstanding results

Our student results are outperforming the best international schools across the region.

Why Alison from the UK chose CGA

Alison takes Math as an extra A-Level
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