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Home School: Everything you need to know

Discover the benefits of home schooling and how Crimson Global Academy can provide world-class education in the comfort of your own home.

What is Home Schooling?

With the growing popularity of homeschooling worldwide as an alternative to traditional schooling, we understand the need for valuable information and resources for families interested in partnering with us for their homeschooling journey.

Our guide is designed to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about homeschooling with CGA. From understanding the concept of homeschooling to exploring the reasons why families choose homeschooling, we will provide you with insights and resources to help you navigate the homeschooling landscape.


Curriculum Options at CGA

With CGA as your home schooling partner, you will have access to a range of international curricula that puts home schooled students at the same level as their peers.

How does Home Schooling work?

Home Schooling with Crimson Global Academy provides families with the flexibility and resources to create a personalised education plan for their children.

From academic excellence to extracurricular activities and socialisation opportunities, CGA offers a comprehensive program that nurtures a well-rounded educational experience.


Benefits of home schooling with Crimson Global Academy

CGA offers a unique opportunity for students to develop their shared love of learning in a globally connected school.

We recognize the importance of balancing academics with extracurricular activities and socialization for homeschooled children to experience a well-rounded education.

Curriculum and Support

CGA is an internationally accredited online school where students can choose to study the International GCSE, A-Levels, US Diploma or AP courses in small, live and interactive classes, taught be experienced teachers.

Access to Extracurriculars

CGA offers a variety of opportunities for home schooled students to participate in, including school and student-led clubs where students can connect with peers who share the same interests.

Get into the world's top universities

CGA provides the correct guidance for your plans after high school. Our expert university counseling service prepares students early on for university admissions with applications that stand out from their peers.

Friends and community

Our students join us from over 30 countries. CGA uses a variety of online tools where students can connect with their peers outside of the classroom and hosts regular in-person events where students can meet their classmates and make new friends.


CGA was founded for students and families who seek personalised online education opportunities, which provide flexibility and a dynamic pace of learning. Students can enrol full-time, part-time or in one-one-one classes.

Parent Communication

Access visibility of your children’s workload, progress and feedback, along with a seamless connection to those who matter in their education journey.

Start your Home Schooling journey with CGA

Our Academic Advisors are ready to discuss your home schooling needs and guide you through the process. Book a free consultation today.