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Academic choices for 12-14 year olds

How can your 12-14 year old begin their journey with CGA? We offer a variety of options for students looking to accelerate their studies, gain access to expert teaching and international qualifications.

How can you begin preparing for high school?

Many students moving to high school are worried about what they will encounter in the new environment. It's also a time when course structures, assessments and grading start changing in multiple school systems.

Some students start preparing for university as early as age 11. They start thinking about ways to set themselves apart from their peers in order to stand out to admissions officers. One way to do this is start taking some high school level classes early and understanding how to study in a higher-stress environment. Adding a part-time class after normal school hours can be a great way to learn more about high school classes.

Taking high school classes can also prepare you for exams that most students have to take for their qualifications.

12-14 year old

How CGA can assist you?

Student Testimonials

With students currently enrolled from 18 countries, the Crimson globe feels small and limitless at the very same time. The diversity and drive of our student body is the pride of our school - we welcome you warmly and hope you feel at home.

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Creating an online community

At CGA, our mission is to empower high school students around the world with the ambition, information, and access to high quality education to ensure they have every opportunity to be successful on the global stage. It also enables them to connect with students from different cultures and backgrounds. Making friends with like-minded and driven students has never been this easy!
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