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As a truly borderless institution, inspiring events and passionate students are constantly in motion at Crimson Global Academy.

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3 Things Shaping the Future of Online Learning

- Over most of the past year, schools around the world have had to quickly shift from learning in classrooms to learning online due to...

CGA Blog
John Morris on COVID: An Educational Disruption Or A Catalyst For Change?

- The COVID-19 crisis has forced school closures in 188 countries, heavily disrupting the learning process of more than 1.7 billion students and curbing educational...

CGA Blog
Secrets of Subject Selection

- High school is all about making good choices. Who to be friends with? What sports to play? What extracurriculars to be involved in?...

CGA Blog
All About the International GCSEs

- International GCSE and A Levels are an educational pathway available in some of the top high schools in New Zealand. A lot of the student...

CGA Blog
University Admission with the International A Levels

- University entrance is something that’s on the mind of most students around the world. But universities around the world often have vastl...

CGA Blog
All About the International A-Levels

- International A Levels are an educational pathway available in some of the top high schools in New Zealand. Many studying this pathway wi...

CGA Blog
Curriculum Choices: Globally Recognised?

- Most people are familiar with the three established high school education systems in New Zealand: NCEA, Cambridge (CAIE, formerly CIE) an...

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Curriculum Choices: The Exams

- Love it or hate it, everyone has strong opinions about exams and assessments. The exams and assessments you do differ greatly by what cur...

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Curriculum Choices: The Content

- Getting good grades, balancing extracurriculars with academics, maintaining a social life, and getting enough sleep… high school can be a...

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What the COVID Lockdown Taught Us About Online Learning

- As New Zealand moves to Level 2 after 7 long weeks in lockdown, we know students and families up and down the country will be breathing s...

Sir John Key, former New Zealand prime minister, joins Crimson Education

- Watch Sir John Key on the topic of Future of Education at CGA's Launch Event.

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Coronavirus Webinar: Your Academics, Extracurriculars & University/College Applications

- Nearly 300 million children are missing class due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Students and families are faced with important decisions a...

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Crimson Education alumnus shares his experience of learning subjects through online classes

- Soumil was enrolled in a local, brick and mortar school, however he found that the choice of subjects offered were limited and wanted to ...