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Watch our passionate teachers and students in action and get a taste of the CGA learning experience.

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In a CGA classroom, each student is in the front-row seat of every lesson, which means students are engaged in a highly interactive and exciting learning environment.

We start with the basic building blocks of an effective classroom:

  • Great teachers, working with students in real-time, and
  • Small classes where students are expected to participate.

Great teachers and small classrooms are combined with leading education technology to provide an immersive digital learning experience.

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What To Expect During Your CGA Trial Class

Joining the Class

You'll receive a Zoom link for your CGA Trial class. Zoom is a free, user-friendly tool, and cameras stay on for active participation during the lesson.

Class Structure

After a quick introduction, you'll meet your teacher and dive into engaging activities. Parents are welcome to participate and ask questions. Expect an interactive experience!

Q&A Session

After the lesson, we'll have a Q&A about the CGA school experience. No prior prep needed—just bring your enthusiasm and a smile!

International AS English Lesson

CGA uses best-in-class technology. Dr Andrew Daniel, CGA's Associate Principal and Mathematics teacher, explains more in the video below.
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