Our Head of Hawking House on Learning Online

26/02/20245 minute read
Our Head of Hawking House on Learning Online

Transitioning from a conventional school setting in Mauritius to the digital classrooms of CGA, Keisha, our 2024 Head of Hawking House, opens up about her journey into the world of online education.

With a year at CGA under her belt, Keisha offers a unique insight into the experience of online learning from a student's perspective, the essence of student leadership, and her aspirations within and beyond the CGA community.

A Fresh Start at CGA

Keisha's educational path took a significant turn when, after securing a spot in a traditional school, she found herself searching for something more fulfilling. “I found CGA and thought, oh this is too good to be true. They were so welcoming, so I decided to go with it...I do not regret it one bit," she shares. For Keisha, this moment was pivotal in marking the beginning of an enriching chapter in both her education and personal growth.

Upon joining CGA, Keisha quickly embraced the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone by engaging with the student leadership team.  "I'm new to CGA. This is my first year. And when I learnt about the leadership roles, I'm someone that…tries to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.” Having been through traditional schooling, as well as trialing other online schools, Keisha felt that her previous experiences could help other students at CGA have a seamless integration into online schooling at CGA. As the head of Hawking House, Keisha is ready to bring fresh perspectives in 2024 and enhance the CGA community.

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Socialising in an Online School

The idea that online schooling might lead to isolation is a common worry, but Keisha's time at CGA paints a different picture, one where social connections flourish. "I thought it was going to be quite hard, but it was actually easy because when you see people every day in your class, you start to understand their personality.” This realisation led Keisha to form genuine bonds with her peers. "We were talking about class, and then we decided to call [each other], and then it just became a regular thing," she shares. Through her experiences, Keisha demonstrates that engaging with classmates in a virtual setting can naturally evolve into meaningful friendships, subtly highlighting the unexpected ease with which students can connect and grow together online.

Keisha's Goals and Dreams

Keisha looks forward with optimism and drive, aiming to make the most of her CGA experience by excelling academically while embracing her new leadership role. "I think my goal is to get back on track with my education and feeling better about it...I'm focused on learning and getting the highest grades…but at the same time enjoying the classes, [and] the communication with other students," she shares. Her ambition extends beyond academics, with plans to enhance the importance of sports in the online school environment.

Understanding the unique challenges of promoting physical activity in a virtual setting, Keisha is brainstorming innovative ways to integrate sports more prominently into student life. She believes in the significant impact of sports on students' well-being and is dedicated to creating opportunities for her peers to engage in physical activities.

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