CGA Social Days

11/03/20246 minute read
CGA Social Days

Picture a day filled with laughter, excitement, and a strong sense of belonging—an unforgettable day that brings together bright minds from all around the world. That's exactly what happens during our highly anticipated CGA Social Days. These fantastic events allow students to connect, share inspiration, and showcase the vibrant spirit of our school community.

An inclusive community for students around the world

Across Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand, students eagerly arrived, ready to meet their peers and teachers face-to-face. The atmosphere was friendly and inviting, with a digital display featuring their names and cohort years, creating an immediate sense of belonging - but it didn’t stop there!

At CGA, physical distance has no boundaries! We were joined by our students from all over the globe via our best friend ‘Zoom’ which made it an inclusive experience for all, no matter the distance.

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In Auckland, our very own Principal, Mark Phillips, set the tone for the day with an address to our students. Mark's genuine passion for education resonated with each student, as he highlighted their unique qualities as brilliant, game-changing individuals. As a valuable part of the CGA student community, Mark encouraged them to fully embrace the day, to connect with one another, and to recognize the power of their efforts in realizing their potential and making a positive impact on the world around them. While in Melbourne, students were also met by Kimberly Scott, a former international selling author and current growth leader for Crimson USA, adding even more excitement to the day.

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In an exciting workshop, CGA’s very own Admissions expert, Alexander Cork, gave our students a rundown on how to produce their own podcast. Alexander is a producer of a global podcast called "Top of the Class." The students were thrilled to learn the realities of making a podcast and had many burning questions about the industry.

The highlight of CGA Social Day was an incredible chat with the remarkable Ed Baker, a true inspiration of success and wisdom. Students had the privilege of engaging with Ed through a Zoom session, where he shared his invaluable insights and experiences from his impressive career at Uber and Facebook. With his education background at renowned institutions like Stanford Graduate School of Business and Harvard University, Ed answered all of their questions, leaving them feeling inspired and motivated to pursue their own dreams - a huge thank you, Ed!

As the day came to an end, we wrapped up with a peer-to-peer study session. Being an online school, it was a fantastic chance to witness the effectiveness of our CGA study hubs. Students had the opportunity to come together in groups, exchange knowledge, and discuss their courses. It was a valuable time where they could learn from one another and deepen their understanding of different subjects.

Watch the full highlights here!

CGA Social Day Vietnam

This student meet-up was a lively gathering uniting current students and potential families.

The event, featuring a range of games from icebreakers to brain-teasers, aimed to strengthen bonds among students and showcase their intelligence and dynamism, also for potential families to witness firsthand the vibrant CGA community, dispelling stereotypes about computer-focused education.

An Nhi, a part-time student, humorously commented, "This game damaged my brain cells, but I would definitely play it again."

Annie, mom of Minh Hai, our full-time student, expressed a willingness to invest in such experiences for her children.

CGA Social Days highlight the power of shared experiences in reinforcing our commitment to holistic growth and lasting connections among students, families, and educators.

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Where Memories Are Made

CGA Social Days surpass all our expectations and leave a profound impact on our students. It is a day that brings everyone together, fostering deep connections, inspiration, and personal growth.

If you're excited about the possibility of your child being part of our vibrant and inclusive community, we encourage you to get in touch with one of our academic advisors to learn how!