Meet Khun: CGA's Champion of Excellence

25/01/20244 minute read
Meet Khun: CGA's Champion of Excellence

Today, we’re excited to share the story of CGA student Khun. From winning the prestigious Pearson Excellence Award to his newly appointed role as Head Student of Greenwich, his remarkable achievements and leadership qualities make him a true standout in our school community. Congratulations Khun!

Pearson Excellence Winner

At just 15, Khun from Bangkok, has already carved a significant niche for himself. Winning the Pearson Excellence Award for outstanding results across multiple subjects, Khun was equally impressed by his results.“...when the grades came out, and they were quite good, and then I ended up getting the Pearson Excellence Award, I felt very happy about it.”

Khun attributes a significant part of this success to CGA’s supportive environment. “I was very happy about the fact that the CGA teachers were so kind in helping to support me, even during exams. They would always be available for sessions to ask questions or to do past papers or go over anything that we had questions about…and I had a lot of fun just being able to ask all the questions I needed…very big thank you to the CGA exams team.”

This award is not just an honour but a motivator for Khun, “I think these [awards] that celebrate people's achievements and their hard work are very [helps] keep you on track.” To those aspiring for similar success, Khun advises, “...make sure that when you're in class, you try to ask a lot of questions, engage with the coursework. That way, when it gets to the revision time…you don't have to do as much heavy revision.”

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Khun’s Leadership Vision

As a new member of the CGA community, joining the school last year, Khun mentions how he felt inspired by the student leaders and all the wonderful work and events they held, making him want to get involved this year.

As Head Student of Greenwich, Khun is committed to increasing student involvement in CGA's activities and events, with a particular focus on enhancing the school's communication and engagement strategies. He envisions a future where all school activities are organically shaped and driven by student ideas, reflecting his dedication to nurturing a collaborative student community. "Something I'm excited for is to eventually have all of these activities organised completely based on student ideas."

This vision, however, comes with its own set of challenges, particularly in the realm of maintaining effective communication and long-term engagement within the school community. Khun acknowledges the hurdles in sustaining active, meaningful dialogues, especially in an online environment. He points out that while tools like Slack are pivotal for reaching out to the wider student body, ensuring engaging conversations through these platforms remains a complex task. His goal is to integrate these digital communication tools more effectively, so that they act as a catalyst for a more interconnected CGA community.

Celebrating an Exemplary Student

When asked what he thinks makes CGA a great student community, Khun mentions “It's very warm, very cosy, but at the same time, it's a very competitive environment and there's a lot going on, so it's very fun. It's got its own charm with all of the different teachers and students coming from around [the world].”

We are so proud to have Khun as part of our student community. His achievement in receiving the Pearson Excellence Award is a remarkable accomplishment, both for him and for the entire CGA community. His dedication and hard work is truly inspiring, and we are confident his success will motivate other students to aim high and work towards realising their own goals.

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