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CGA의 온라인 수업은 학생들이 목표를 성취할 수 있도록 모든 방면에서 최적화된 시스템을 갖추고 있습니다. CGA를 이끄는 교장선생님들을 만나보세요!

Welcome from the Executive Principal - John Morris, ONZM

It is a real pleasure to welcome students and their families to Crimson Global Academy (CGA), a fully certified private online high school, designed to cater for students around the world.

Schools are often portrayed as being resistant to change and incapable of organizing themselves in different ways, however we increasingly observe radical changes in other industries due to advances in information technology, in post-industrial economies and through globalization. It is obvious that schooling as we know it need not remain trapped in one stereotyped pattern.

CGA offers a unique opportunity for bright young children to develop their shared love of learning in a globally connected school. We give students the flexibility to study at a time and a pace that suits them, individualising their learning and structuring their timetable so their education fits around their lives.

CGA will challenge our students with a rigorous, reputable and internationally recognised curriculum and we are leading the way in schooling evolution and reimagining education for the future.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting and innovative school that will provide our students an education of excellence that has been proven to help build the skills of the future.

John Morris, ONZM​ | Executive Principal, Crimson Global Academy

John Morris

Welcome from the Principal - Mark Phillips

Very rarely does an opportunity present that will transform the way education is delivered and students learn. As an experienced senior leader in secondary school education it was a natural progression to move to a school that has excellence of academic achievement, a strong belief in extra-curricular activity and student leadership at the core of its values.

To be Principal at Crimson Global Academy is an extraordinary privilege. With such a transformative educational model it is no surprise that the school has attracted outstanding teaching staff with a wealth of experience in a number of the best schools around the world. With our staff having ensured extraordinary success in student achievements, Crimson Global Academy students will have the confidence that the staff know how to guarantee every student performs to their full potential, and in many cases will undoubtedly surpass what they believe to be possible.

The flexibility with curriculum options, the availability of cutting edge technology, the opportunity to learn at an accelerated pace and study a qualification that is recognised by all the leading universities will be very attractive to students with personal drive to excel. Crimson Global Academy will be an exciting school for both staff to work in and students to learn in.

Mark Phillips | Principal, Crimson Global Academy


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