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You're Invited! Crimson Global Academy's Career Talks

Join CGA's Career Talks to learn how students can already start preparing for rigorous college admissions and prestigious careers while in high school.

A Global Careers Fair with Limitless Possibilities

Welcome to CGA’s Career Talks - Your Gateway to a World of Opportunities

We're excited to host CGA Career Talks - a series of dynamic, thought-provoking events designed to empower you with the skills, insights, and inspiration you need to achieve your career aspirations. Our upcoming career talks cover a wide array of topics, each brimming with wisdom and actionable advice from CGA and industry experts and thought leaders.

Paving Pathways to Unlimited Success

You can set your child up for a lifetime of success in high school with carefully selected subjects, extracurricular activities, and soft skill development.

Looking Ahead: The Next Generation’s Future of Work

Our world is rapidly changing and it’s important to stay informed about trends across industries as your child gets ready for university and beyond.

Industry Deep Dives: A Day in the Life

Discover a variety of career paths and opportunities from industry professionals and learn how they made the most of their high school years to prepare for their careers ahead.

Upcoming Career Talks

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Who should attend?

Career inspiration does not need to wait for the final years of high school. We invite globally-minded families, parents, and students from junior high school years onward to join our series of talks and learn more about the opportunities that an international education can bring.

See what a global education can lead to

We warmly welcome you to CGA’s Career Talks as industry experts share their insights into how they developed successful careers.

Why join a Career Talk?

  • Be among like-minded international families interested in a world-class education.
  • Discover different types of careers and the pathways to get there.
  • Get inspired by successful individuals and start thinking about future opportunities.
  • Begin networking with inspiring individuals who are among the highest performers within their studies and careers.

Interested to learn more about Crimson Global Academy?

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