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College-level courses for ambitious high school students aiming to attend US universities. Opening students imagination to their real potential.

Live instruction from AP™ teachers, not tutors.

Learn from experienced teachers with a proven record of success in AP™ courses. Our group-classes are conducted live in small, seminar-style online classrooms and are optimized for participation.

Unlike traditional high school courses, our teachers approach their classroom with a global perspective, furthering your potential to excel in college and beyond.

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What are Advanced Placement courses?

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are rigorous, college-level courses and assessments offered in US high schools. Administered by the College Board, they have now replaced the SAT Subject Tests for college applications. Doing well on AP courses can translate to college credit in US and Canadian universities.

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Why take an AP course?

Improve your admissions profile, challenge yourself, and earn college credit with our Advanced Placement (AP) courses.