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CGA's Academic English Program

A customised pathway for ambitious students to accelerate academic English ability

What is the Academic English program?

CGA’s Academic English classes are a customised pathway for ambitious students to accelerate academic English ability more quickly than traditional ESOL classes. The course content has been structured to combine practical every-day English with Academic English that will improve students’ performance in an English speaking classroom.

  • Course Material: Pearson’s Wider World book series, designed for virtual learners
  • Platform: Pearson English Portal, specifically designed for teaching English online. 

Who is this program for?

All students must complete a Pearson Versant English Placement Test as part of their application. Students' scores on Versant will determine their eligibility for the program as well as their level placement if accepted.

  • Age: mature 12-15 year-old students looking to improve their English before taking classes in English (Grade 5-8)
  • English ability: We offer three different levels in this program:
    • A2 (Elementary) is for those with a score of 34-45
    • B1 (Intermediate) is for those with a score of 46-56
    • B2 (Upper Intermediate) is for those with a score of 57-67
  • Students who wants to prepare for internationally recognized qualifications
Who is this program for?

When can I join the programme?

The Academic English program runs throughout the academic year from September to May.  Students are allowed to join Academic English classes anytime throughout the academic year as long as their English level test places them appropriately into one of our available classes.

  • Class hours: 3 hours per week with the teacher in a live classroom setting
  • Homework: 3 hours of work per week
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